The Herd: MaMngadi gives Smanga shocking news to save her family

13 May 2019

The Herd: MaMngadi gives Smanga shocking news to save her family

Now we all know MaMngadi that and her family will stop at nothing to get Smanga out of the picture in The Herd. Ever since they discovered his dirty secrets and the fact that he’s been sabotaging the farm, they’re more determined to take him out.

It’s been quite hilarious to watch the former witch trying to kill Smanga. Remember when she wanted to suffocate him with a pillow, but he woke up before she could do it? Of course, she had to pretend like she was trying to fix the bed. Very funny woman.

As funny as it has been at times, this is a serious matter and MaMngadi still believes that the only way to get rid of this stumbling block is death. While some of her children don’t agree with her, her son Muzi thinks his mother is right. One thing is certain, though, if they don’t work fast, Smanga will kill them one by one.

After finding out that MaMngadi had hired people to kill him, Smanga acted fast and threatened to kill the former witch. He pointed a gun at her and made it clear that he would finish her entire family.

Just we were captivated by what was happening, Muzi walked in and tried to rescue his mother. Well, Smanga wasn’t too fazed! But before he could kill anyone, MaMngadi confessed that Muzi was in fact Smanga’s son, and not her late husband’s.

We’re not sure if she was just saying that because she wanted to save their lives, or if it’s the truth.

Also, this family has much bigger problems, because Kayise is a wanted woman. She’s having an affair with a married woman and the husband is not too happy about this, as one would expect. It will be interesting to watch how all this drama brings MaMngadi and her children closer together.

Ayanda chickens out

Love can really make some people do the most unexpected things. Just look at Ayanda, for example. This woman is so crazy about Muzi that she has agreed to kill someone just so that she can get the witches to give her a love potion. She wants to be everything that Muzi could possibly want in marriage that she’s ready to make the witches happy by giving them a young person’s heart.

She invited one of her students to her house and made him some lunch. While he was eating, she was planning to stab him with a knife. But it seems like she couldn’t go ahead with it because she ended up taking the heart of an animal to the witches instead. They weren’t too pleased with this, of course, and chased her away.

But we have a feeling that she’s still desperate to win Muzi’s heart, so we won’t be surprised if she actually does end up killing someone, all in the name of love.

The only way to find out if our prediction is right is by catching The Herd on Showmax, where a new episode lands every week, express from Mzansi Magic.

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