The Herd: MaMngadi shows Smanga who’s boss

27 May 2019

The Herd: MaMngadi shows Smanga who’s boss

In the last couple of weeks on The Herd, we’ve seen how desperate MaMngadi is to get rid of Smanga. She first hired hitmen to kill him, and that didn’t work. She then attempted using a pillow to suffocate him, but that plan didn’t go too far because he woke up before she could even do it. Now things have gotten out of her control and although she’s made it clear that she no longer wants to be a witch, MaMngadi turned to one of her witch friends for assistance. Clearly Smanga is a big threat to this woman and her family.

As expected, it won’t be easy to get rid of him, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t try. It seems MaMngadi still has some of that dark magic in her system and Smanga learned this the hard way. He got the shock of his life when he strangled her when they were alone in the house but couldn’t kill her as smoke suddenly came out of MaMngadi.

The smoke was so strong that it almost burned his face.  She promised to burn him if he tried touching her again.

Meanwhile, Smanga is working on his own plan to get rid of anything that comes across his way. His vision? Well, he wants to get rid of MaMngadi’s family so that he can own the farm and also get their house.

Remember he just found out that Muzi is his son? In his mind, he is convinced that he can turn him against his mother so that they can have all the family wealth. But it won’t be easy because Muzi will hear none of that and he’s very loyal to his family. Now Smanga has found himself in a tight corner and has reached out to MaMngadi’s mother, the big witch. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ayanda asks Muzi to marry her

We guess Ayanda is tired of waiting of waiting for Muzi to take their relationship seriously. She clearly loves him and will stop at nothing to keep him forever.

As you saw recently, Ayanda murdered Dan and took his heart to the witches. Despite going through all that trouble, Ayanda’s plans aren’t quite going her way. She poured what looks like a love potion in Muzi’s juice, but he only had a sip and refused to continue because the taste was unbearable. Ouch!

Ayanda had to make another plan. So, what’s the next best thing? Asking Muzi to marry her. Yep, she looked him in the eye and asked for his hand in marriage. Who said women can’t propose to their men? Talk about changing the game.

Will Muzi accept her proposal? Make sure you keep with the addictive Mzansi Magic drama series The Herd on Showmax. Every episode lands express from the DStv broadcast.

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