The Herd: MaMngadi vs Ayanda
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24 June 2019

The Herd: MaMngadi vs Ayanda

It looks like viewers are in for a thrilling ride on The Herd. From what we’ve seen on the latest episode of the drama series, Ayanda and MaMngadi will be battling it out for the title of the strongest and most powerful witch. If you’re wondering what we’re on about, here’s a recap.

MaMngadi eats her grandchild’s heart, becomes a witch again

We’re still trying to recover from the gruesome death of Dingane and Dumazile’s baby. As if that’s not enough, there’s still the trauma of the fact that the baby’s heart was ripped out and given to the biggest witch in the land, MaMthembu. You can imagine how devastated everybody is right now.

One person who was really hurt by this loss is MaMngadi, who is Dumazile’s mother. After discovering that the baby had died and that the heart was given to MaMthembu, she made it her mission to get revenge. But the unfortunate part is that she had to go back to being a witch in order to win this fight. In her mind, fighting darkness with darkness is the only way to conquer. She quickly made her way back to MaMthembu’s place and killed her. After that, MaMngadi ate her grandchild’s heart.

We understand why she’s had to do all of this, by the way. Her family’s legacy was on the line and she did what she had to do to protect what’s hers. For her to keep her family’s wealth, she also had to kill Smanga, which she did. Now he’s finally out of her way.

Ayanda becomes a powerful witch

We weren’t shocked when Ayanda decided to do some dark ritual in order to become a powerful witch. She risked it all and was well aware of the fact that she could die after the ritual and still went ahead with it. It all paid off for her and she now has all the powers she needed in order to make Muzi fall madly in love with her.

After all the personal and family drama he’s been facing in his life, Muzi found himself back in Ayanda’s arms. He was only there because he had nowhere else to go, but Ayanda had other plans.

To make sure that her plan works, she gave him some food which we are sure contained muthi and he fell right into her trap. While he was asleep, Ayanda spoke into his ear and told him that he needs to follow her (this was in his dream). She told him that he needs to show her that he loves her and that he will be hers forever. Well, it definitely worked because when Muzi woke up he told her that he had chosen her. He then decided to marry her on the same day.

But things aren’t going to be as easy as Ayanda thinks. Since MaMngadi has gotten her powers back, it will be interesting to see which witch is more powerful. Things will be more interesting now that Ayanda and Muzi are married. It’s evident that MaMngadi hates Ayanda and doesn’t want her anywhere near her son.

There’s clearly a lot more drama coming our way on The Herd. Catch all the latest episodes.

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