The Herd: Smanga and Ayanda team up

By Siyathemba Ben10 June 2019

The Herd: Smanga and Ayanda team up

If you’ve been following The Herd this season, you’ll know how obsessed Ayanda is with Muzi. From the start, she’s been very clear about her willingness to do anything to get Muzi to love her and do everything that she says. How far will she go? Well, we’ve been watching and here’s a recap.

Ayanda is a step closer to getting the baby’s heart

Ayanda’s desperation has led her to seeking help from the biggest witch in the land. Ayanda went to MaMthembu and told her that she’s willing to get Dumazile’s baby’s heart. As she was speaking to the big witch, Smanga walked in. There was a bit of an argument at first because Smanga had initially agreed to get the baby’s heart, and now Ayanda wanted to be the one to do it. To keep the peace, Ayanda thought it would be best if they worked together so that everybody gets what they want.

After their visit to MaMthembu, they met up to discuss how they were going to get the baby’s heart. Smanga reminded Ayanda that MaMthembu needs the heart as soon as possible. The plan is in motion. Since Dumazile still has three months to go before she gives birth, Ayanda requested a potion from MaMthembu to induce Dumazile. Ayanda then used her breakup with Muzi to get Dumazile to go to her house, and she fell for it.

Kayise wants revenge

If there’s one thing we know about Ayanda, it’s that she loves Muzi. Despite her love for this man, however, she refused to help him in his time of need. Muzi and his mother turned to Ayanda to ask for a place to stay because they’re trying to run away from Smanga. Things have been hard since Smanga killed Dudu so now MaMngadi and her children realise that their lives are in serious danger.

While they know that they aren’t safe, it seems they don’t want Smanga to get arrested. When the police went to question Kayise about Dudu’s death, she told them that she knows nothing about it, even though she was there when it happened. Kayise is obviously not lying to the cops because she wants to protect her uncle; she’s only doing it because she believes that she can do a better job than them. If you want something done, you do it yourself, right? She’s determined to get justice for her lover, no matter what it takes. She even suggested that MaMngadi goes back to being a witch so that they can pull this off. However, MaMngadi is torn and doesn’t know what to do. She decided to go to church to pray about the whole situation. We can’t help but wonder what she will decide.

You can watch the first episode of The Herd on YouTube, and keep up with all the drama on Showmax.

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