The House of Magic: the most charming animation on TV?

5 June 2018

The House of Magic: the most charming animation on TV?

The House of Magic, a Belgian-French 3D animation about an abandoned kitty who finds a new furry family in a mysterious and possibly haunted house, is on Showmax for the month of June only. Tiny tots will love its gentle storyline and adorable hero, and the animation style is as slick and beautiful as any animated movie out of Hollywood.

House of Magic is on Showmax

Image: Times Media

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Here’s what Variety says about the movie: “An amiable feline-led romp perhaps best described as a cat o’ benign tales, Belgian crossover toon The House of Magic will perhaps prove most memorable as a marker of just how swiftly Euro animation houses are catching up with their Hollywood counterparts.”

And it’s not just visually gorgeous. The story of Thunder, the little kitty that could, is a timeless tale, about the underdog (undercat?) finding their place and coming to the rescue of their friends and family. When children’s entertainer Lawrence ends up in hospital and unable to do his magic anymore, his ruthless nephew Danny puts his plan into action to take ownership of Lawrence’s house and turn it into something else entirely, evicting all of Lawrence’s animal friends at the same time. It’s up to Thunder to figure out a way to keep Danny away, and to let Lawrence and the furry creatures keep their home.

The movie is available on Showmax only for the month of June, just in time for school holidays. Download it for your kids to watch while you’re offline over the holidays or let them stream it on your tablet while you watch the latest season of your favourite series on the big-screen TV.

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