The many times Petronella has kept us glued to The Queen

By Xabiso Ngqabe9 October 2020

The many times Petronella has kept us glued to The Queen

She has stolen the hearts of thousands of Mzansi viewers with her larger-than-life character on The Queen. If she’s not negotiating for a raise or demanding her husband’s bonus money, she’s giving her friends some interesting bedroom advice.

The Queen’s much-loved Petronella, known as Aunt Patty, always has us glued to our screens with her comedic chops. This feisty and flamboyant character is played by the incredible Thembsie Matu, winner of the Best Actress award, as well as the Ultimate Viewers’ Choice award at the #DStvMVCAs in 2018.

We take a closer look at some of Aunt Patty’s best moments on The Queen since joining the telenovela.

Cocaine cake

When she got a job as a maid at the Mabuza family home, on her first day at work, Aunt Patty baked a cake for Gracious. The kind gesture turned into a hilarious disaster when she mistakenly used cocaine as icing sugar for the cake.

She realised something was wrong when the Mabuza family and Kagiso began acting crazy. Yep, they were all high on their own supply.

This moment left viewers in stitches:

Petronella’s sex crash course

Petronella always brings comic relief, even in serious moments. The whole Mabuza family was happy after Mmabatho dumped Shaka and went back to being with Madimetja. To their surprise, Madi then mentioned that he was a virgin.

Aunt Patty was beyond shocked that Madi didn’t even attempt to touch Mmabatho at night. In true Patty style, she then offered to teach him a thing or two about sex.

The Mabuza family is left dying with laughter, and tweeps, including actor Aaron Moloisi, wasted no time in using hilarious memes to express their shock at Petronella’s extensive knowledge of sex.

When she sang and did ivosho at a talent show

Do you remember when Aunt Patty did the vosho dance at a talent show with some gqom vocals? She stole the show and left the audience blown away – even Harriet was impressed. As usual, Twitter could barely contain its excitement.

When Petronella and Mjekejeke got all steamy in bed

Aunt Patty and Mjekejeke got all kinky behind closed doors. Viewers were taken aback by the scene because there’s nothing as awkward as a sex scene while watching with your family, especially when it’s two older characters between the sheets.

The Queen viewers and even cast members didn’t waste time expressing their shock:

When Petronella dragged her bestie, Vuyiswa, for filth

Vee and Patty are bestie goals but recently they found themselves dragging each other through the mud over something so silly.

In true Petronella fashion, she used Mjekejeke to get her position as a judge of the neighbourhood beauty pageant. Both Petronella and Vuyiswa find themselves embroiled in an argument with Jackal, who’s left conflicted after having asked Vuyiswa to be one of the judges.

Want more Aunt Patty gold? The Queen S5 is now available to stream on Showmax.

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