The Mommy Club is now streaming on Showmax

27 June 2023

The Mommy Club is now streaming on Showmax

The Mommy Club, a reality series about five glamorous moms who seemingly have it all, is now streaming on Showmax, with new episodes every Tuesday. It’s an all-access inside look at the lives of the one percent and the people who help them build their empires and raise their heirs.

The early reviews are glowing. News24’s Kay Selisho says, “The Mommy Club features all the hallmarks of a great reality show: glamour, shade and some WTF moments.” Sowetan’s Masego Seemela shares how The Mommy Club is “killing it” while showcasing how successful black women are managing their homes and careers. “Showmax is documenting how modern day women are coming together to raise children while shining bright,” she says. IOL’s Oluthando Keteyi says, “The Mommy Club is serving opulence and giving us a front row seat on how to slay motherhood.” And True Love’s Ntombi Khulu says, “The Mommy Club is as captivating as it is glamorous. With it being the first of its kind in South Africa, it’s interesting and entertaining to see the beginning of the dynamics the mothers have with each other and their nannies.”

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“When the producers of The Mommy Club approached me, it felt right,” says The Real Housewives of Johannesburg breakout star Mpumi Mops, who had vowed never to do another reality TV show. “I’ve had bad experiences before but, with this show, it felt really positive and my family was very supportive. The Mommy Club speaks to me and what I believe in. It has been really epic.”

Business owner Ratile Mabitsela, a former Miss Tembisa, says filming the show has improved her home life. “Before filming the show, I was a very hands-on mom,” she says. “Now that I’ve started filming and have been spending a lot of time on set, my husband has stepped up so much. I am so grateful to have him in my life.”

Her Majesty wants audiences to know that they too are human and, like everyone else, they also make mistakes. “I want people to see that we are human: we are not perfect and we are also just trying to figure out this life thing,” she says. 

Fashion luxury girl and entrepreneur Ms Manche believes in giving your children everything you can when you can. “I grew up with parents who could afford to give me everything and then there was a time when they could not, so for me, I will give my children everything for as long as I can.”

On the most expensive purchase she has made for her baby, new mom Nunurai says her party in the opening episode cost a whopping R250 000. “It was my son’s first birthday so I just felt like I needed to go big; it was a very big occasion to celebrate.”

The Mommy Club is the second Showmax reality show from POP24; This Body Works For Me was an instant hit with viewers and a big conversation starter.

“The Mommy Club is a concept that I thought about after I had my first baby in 2020,” says Zinzi Velelo, creator and executive producer of the show. “I would see these glam women on social media living their best lives and I would ask myself how they do it. They seemed to have it all together and I didn’t, so that sparked my interest.” 

She shares that the women had it all figured out because they understood the importance of getting help. “The ladies had figured it out because they had the best childcare and that’s what helped them hold it all together,” says Zinzi. “It takes a village.”

Stream episode 1 of The Mommy Club on Showmax now, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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