The Mommy Club S2 episode 4 recap: Cutting through the tension

12 March 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 4 recap: Cutting through the tension

Episode 4 of The Mommy Club started off with a very awkward dinner party with the mommies. Since filming the reunion, the ladies have only been together as a group twice, so there is still a lot of awkwardness in the air with the group divided between two camps. On the one hand, there is Nunurai and Ratile and on the other side, there is Hermajesty and Mrs Mops with the two new mommies Jabulile Sande and Nozipho Ntshangase placed in the middle of the tension. 

The ladies who are all on a mommy vacation in the North West are now forced to face each other and iron out whatever issues they have been avoiding. 

Trying to break the ice, the host Mrs Mops spoke about the purpose of this trip and what she is hoping to achieve: “The whole point of this trip is to have a nice girls’ trip where we can just bond, get to know each other, get to know the new mommies, get to mend relationships within each other.”

Nunurai found Mrs Mops’ speech amusing: the pair had one of the biggest feuds in Season 1 and it seems like they have not resolved their issues. “One thing about Mrs Mops, she is going to give a speech and she is going to throw in a punchline in there. I do not know where she gets these lines,” shared Nunurai.

After getting through the silence, the ladies relaxed and got into the topic of marriages. Ratile shared how happy she was to be surrounded by ladies who have been married longer than her: “It is beautiful that we got you [Nozipho] and Mrs Mops who are married for sixteen years and fifteen years, it also comes back to show you that sometimes marriage is taken for a ride.”

Nozipho shared that marriage takes a lot of work. “It is not easy, you just have to commit and decide whether you are making it work or not.”

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The mommies discuss marriage

Hermajesty, who recently lost her husband to a car accident, shakes the room by saying that marriage is a scam, and Nunurai agrees with her.

“I actually agree with Happy’s statement because for me, I feel like it is not a logical decision. If you want to do it, just do it because if you sit down and put the advantages and disadvantages, the disadvantages will be more than the advantages,” explained Nunurai.

Ratile believes that when you are married and have kids, the children take precedent over your feelings: “there are so many other things that come with that, once you have kids, now it is not just about the marriage, it is about raising kids, you know, happy kids, healthy kids, and creating a safe space for you and your family as well.” 

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Nunurai and Ratile catch up

In another scene, Nunurai and Ratile catch up and talk about their feelings about their relationship and The Mommy Club as a whole.

“Every time I am with Nunurai, I feel like I am having clean time, energy is always flying nicely and every time I am with the other ladies, I can only take them in small doses,” shared Ratile. 

During the dinner scene, Hermajesty and Nunurai were getting along for the first time in a long while and Ratile wants to know what sparked the change. “I saw you and her Happy playing friendly,” she said.

“No, I was just like we are having dinner, it is a group of ladies, I am not going to be hostile towards someone, we do have our differences, we are not friends-friends and it does not mean that we cannot coexist,” explained Nunurai. 

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