The Mommy Club S2 episode 8 recap: Mrs Sande stirs the pot

9 April 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 8 recap: Mrs Sande stirs the pot

The day of Ratile’s birthday celebration is finally here and the ladies and their plus ones are “perfectly suited” for the birthday soiree. Still, in true Mommy Club style, there is always a lingering issue to address and the ladies do not shy away from confrontation. 

As soon as the pleasantries were complete, Ratile took Hermajesty to the side to discuss a trending topic that happened on social media where Hermajesty was seen intimately dancing on a man.

“So there is a video of Happy that has been trending and in this video, she is with some guy, I don’t know his name and Happy is literally all over this guy, she does not look sober,” shares Ratile. 

Hermajesty then went on to explain and give context to the video, which is apparently a music video: “It was leaked, and the impression was not good and the caption and how the bloggers captured it. Yes, I was there at the club with my daughter, it was a club scene and that was it.”

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Mrs Sande gets involved

After Hermajesty and Ratile had their conversation, the other mommies were curious to know whether the two ladies had solved their issues, and Mrs Sande was willing to ask the hard-hitting questions.

“I thought I was going to see punches being thrown around! What were you guys discussing?”, she asked.

“I am innocently asking what is happening, what are you guys talking about, are you guys okay and Happy literally almost bit my head off, maybe she does not like me because I am here as Ratile’s friend and I am dressed nicer than her,” explained Mrs Sande.

Hermajesty shared that she feels like Mrs Sande is trying to start something because of what she might have heard from Ratile. “There is clearly something she knows, her friend has told her something and she wants to start it but she does not know how.”

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Barbra, Shalon and Mable catch up 

Shalom invited the other nannies to her home so that they could have a catch-up session and just wind down from their busy jobs. 

The ladies got straight into it and asked Barbra what was happening with her job. The last time they had spoken, Barbra had shared that she no longer worked for Ratile but since then, she had gone back to Ratile’s home to continue working for them as a nanny.

Speaking about what happened, Barbara shared: “They called me and I spoke to the babies. After five minutes, he called again and asked what I am busy with and said he called me and he said, I spoke to mama, the babies can not do without you, come back.”

Barbra then told the ladies that she is now fully back working for Ratile’s family. “I love my work, I love the kids so I have to be happy.”

The Mommy Club Season 2 is on Showmax

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