The Mommy Club S2 episode 9 recap: Mrs Mops’ launch event

17 April 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 9 recap: Mrs Mops’ launch event

Mrs Mops, Mrs Sande, their kids and nannies met up at Bounce for a play date. While the kids were bouncing and having a good time, the mommies took the opportunity to sit down and get to know each other. 

“We are leaving the kids to have a little fun with the nannies, I need to catch up with Mrs Mops to chat about a lot of things on the side, life and business,”  shared Mrs Sande.

The first topic they tackled was Mrs Mops’ new skincare line, Nala Reigns. 

Speaking of her brand, she said, “I am busy with work, I am busy trying to do my skincare, so it’s a lot but you know what, I’ve got it. I am excited about the launch, I found it to be so fun.” 

The ladies then went on to chat about how Mrs Sande is navigating in the group with her new friends and Mrs Sande opened up about her mental health.

“I am one person who walks away and bottles things up but I am teaching myself to be like, ‘girl, no, this is not how it’s supposed to be because, for the past two, three years, I have been suffering with severe anxiety and depression, so I used to bottle a lot, it kills you inside. At some point, I literally blacked out and fell in the house.”

Mrs Sande then added: “it was horrible but I am glad I am fine, so that’s why I decided to meet different types of ladies, I need to be out there and learn how to speak up for myself.”

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Barbra and Mantshi clear the air 

After a few misunderstandings, Barbra and Mantshi meet at a salon to discuss things. 

“I am with Mantshi, we are going to the salon, I am inviting her to the salon where I always do my hair and I am going to pay for her hair and my hair,” said Barbra. 

The ladies got right into the reason they are meeting. “Barbra, you know what, the time we were at Shalom’s place, I didn’t like what you said about us not supporting you the time you were going through the situation of you losing your job which was wrong for you to say that because we were supporting you, we were calling you, checking on you when we had time,” explained Mantshi.

Barbra then apologised for her choice of words. “I am so sorry, it was not okay with me but you know, when things are not okay, you get frustrations and you take them out on someone else.”

Mrs Mops launches Nala Reign

The day has finally come when Mrs Mops lauches her skincare line, Nala Reign. “Today is the day! I am so happy, I feel like I am giving birth to my fourth baby, Nala Reign and I am excited, I am such a proud mom.” 

After the ladies arrived, they were treated to an opera performance and soon after that, Mrs Mops took to the floor to explain the name of her brand. “Everybody is asking who is Nala, what is Nala. Nala is a family name that has been running in my family for many generations, so my grandmother on my mother’s side is Nala, my mom’s name is Nala and my daughter’s middle name is Nala, so we have got three generations of the name on my mother’s side.”

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