The Mommy Club S2 reunion parts 1-2: The ladies face off

12 June 2024

The Mommy Club S2 reunion parts 1-2: The ladies face off

This week, fans of The Mommy Club S2 were spoiled with not one but two reunion episodes. Season 2 has an unprecedented three-part reunion, with episode 3 landing on Monday, 17 June. 

In parts 1 and 2 one of the reunion, hosted by TV presenter, actress and singer Ntombee Ngcobo-Mzolo, the ladies did not hold back on anything.

The reunion started off with the two new mommies, Mrs Sande and Nozipho, sharing their experience as newcomers on The Mommy Club. 

Speaking of her introduction to the show and how the ladies reacted to her, Nozipho shared, “Dude, every time I have to be getting everyone’s surprised face, every time I have to explain that I have eight kids, but then I have to explain that I have not gone to the labour ward many times but it has been good,” shared Nozipho.

Mrs Sande shared how she feels about being part of The Mommy Club: “It feels good indeed. It was a very nice experience.”

The Mommy Club Season 2 reunion on Showmax

Mrs Sande speaks on the public perception of her 

The host went straight into how  some viewers reacted to new cast member Mrs Sande, and asked her how some of the negative comments made by the fans of the show affected her life. ”Remember, Mrs Sande is a newbie, people don’t know who she is or what she is about, so I do not blame people for feeling the way they are feeling, but I have learned that not everyone will like you. The comments, I strictly avoid them.”

The Mommy Club Season 2 reunion on Showmax

Nunurai explains the differences between her character on The Mommy Club and her real life

“One thing about me is what you see on TV is me every day or maybe except the face beat, I don’t do face beats like a lot, all the time, it’s just the face beat that is like the extra aspect. I am not even trying to act, I have the loudest voice out there, so this is just me 100%. I am a talker, I can talk for hours. My husband and friends, they know that I can be on a call for hours,” says Nunurai.

The Mommy Club Season 2 reunion on Showmax

Hermajesty on bringing the real to reality TV

“What you see on The Mommy Club, that is genuinely me, that’s my true authentic self, you have seen me cry, you have seen me on my worst behaviour but for me, I was authentic, I brought my true self,” explained Happy.

The Mommy Club Season 2 reunion on Showmax

You can catch new episodes of The Mommy Club every Monday on Showmax.

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