The Mommy Club Season 2 Episode 10 recap: Getting to the bottom of it

25 April 2024

The Mommy Club Season 2 Episode 10 recap: Getting to the bottom of it

At Mrs Mops’s Nala Reign event, Hermajesty and Mrs Sande finally confronted each other and put their issues on the table. 

At a previous event, Mrs Sande was annoyed that Hermajesty and Ratile were arguing and wouldn’t share what their argument was about. Hermajesty retorted that Mrs Sande just wanted drama and gossip, and doesn’t want to trust that she and Ratile had kissed and made up after having drama in Season 1.

“I think Mrs Sande wants Ratile all to herself and at this point, I am like, you can keep her,” explained Hermajesty. 

Mrs Sande felt Hermajesty was getting agitated and asked her to chill. “Calm down, don’t raise your voice, answer properly. We are speaking to you calmly – you’ve raised your voice all the way up,” she said.

Nozipho shared her perspective on what she was seeing unfold in front of her. “I think Happy gets quickly triggered when it is about Ratile. I think that friendship hurt her when the friendship was not working out.”

Hermajesty gifts her children deejaying lessons

“Today I have invited a female DJ at home to come and help us or teach us how to DJ. The reason why I chose the DJ route is that Tiisetso has shown interest in wanting to be a DJ so I was like let’s learn how to DJ. It’s something just to entertain the kids and to show them that I am really focusing on them and that anything they want, Mom is here,” she shared. 

Tiisetso, who had a difficult relationship with her mom in Season 1, was happy that her mom took the time and resources to do this for her. “Seeing my mom trying different things with us every day is so impressive,” she explained.

Nozipho confides in Mrs Mops 

In the final scene of the episode, Mrs Mops and Nozipho went horse riding. After the ladies ride on the horses, they sat down for a heart-to-heart where Nozipho opened up to Mrs Mops about what she was going through in her home and marriage.

“I am so glad that you were able to come. I have been observing and watching and I can just see that you are not okay, even in a group setting. You are very into yourself and you hardly talk,” said Mrs Mops.

“As a family, we have just been dealing with a lot and I thought I was hiding it very well. It’s a lot going on at home; it’s a lot going on in my marriage and when things start affecting your children – I don’t do good when things start affecting my children,” Nozipho shared. 

She added, “It’s difficult to watch my person not be my person anymore, I think the difficult thing is that he literally just pulled the mat from under my feet. Just after Bukhosi was born last year, my husband came to me and said he wants to take a second wife,” she continued. 

“I was six weeks postpartum, already you don’t feel good but I had to keep on functioning for my babies. I am not agreeing to this, I don’t want it but unfortunately, he is carrying on.” 

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