7 May 2024

The Mommy Club Season 2 episode 12 recap: Lines in the sand

The finale of The Mommy Club started with a meet-up session between Nunurai and Ratile. Ratile, who just came back from a trip from Turkey, surprised Nunurai with gifts. After pleasantries were exchanged, the ladies got straight into the dynamics of the group and the drama that unfolded on the previous day.

“It is not just a token of appreciation, it is more than that, it really comes from the bottom of my heart. Every time I kinda back down because I feel like this is not worth it or this is not worth my energy, you literally stand up for me and you have no idea what that means for me,” shared Ratile.

Nunurai responded by saying, “It is normal for friends to stand up for each other, so Ratile does not need to thank me for always being there for her, I know that if I was in the same position, she would do the same for me.”

Ratile then dropped a bomb on Nunurai by sharing texts messages that Hermajesty sent to her about wanting to make Nunurai look bad, “so when I came into the group, this was around April and I was talking to Happy, she wanted us to be against you.”

“So basically she is saying that we need to be together all the time, we will be the devilish friends that come against you, you know, you must just be seen as a gossiper, basically, you must be seen as a bad person,” explained Ratile. 

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“Do you even have a friendship?”

In a different scene, Hermajesty and Mrs Mops also had their debrief session of what happened on the previous day.

“Friend, I was so annoyed yesterday, I was super annoyed. I don’t know what Ratile wants from me. She is so weird,” shared Hermajesty. 

“People were saying nice things about each other and then boom, she interjects. You were not rude at her event, you were so respectful at her house,” said Mrs Mops. 

Mrs Mops then questioned Hermajesty on her friendship with Ratile, “I am not sure about your friendship with her – do you have a friendship? She claims to be your friend,” to which Hermajesty responded, “Ratile will never be my friend, I do not even want her to be my friend.”

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Nozipho gets clarity

Hermajesty arranged for the ladies to see a medium and during the session with Nozipho, we found out that she had two miscarriages after the medium asked her if there are two souls she is connected to, “I have had two miscarriages. I have shared the experience that I had of my miscarriages before on my socials but I have never disclosed the year so I am just like, okay,” she shared. 

“So Mabatho is telling me that my boy from the first miscariage is saying that it wasn’t his time and I need to be at peace and let him cross over. It’s something I really wish I could have experienced with my husband right now and get the closure that we needed together because that one really hurt us, we named him Nkanyezi, he is just our little star. People never understand the loss that a parents feel when they miscarry,” she shared. 

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