The most entertaining moments so far in Makoti, Are You The One?

By Xabiso Ngqabe15 March 2023

The most entertaining moments so far in Makoti, Are You The One?

What happens when a woman chooses to move into her potential mother-in-law’s home, with the hopes of earning her blessing to marry her son? That’s the premise of 1Magic’s groundbreaking reality series, Makoti, Are You The One? now streaming on Showmax, following four women during their 21-day stay at their in-laws’ home.

Gcina Mazibuko, Ntombifuthi Zulu, Lona Mpongoma, and Lindiwe Mkhize are from different backgrounds but are all preparing to spend three weeks with their mothers-in-law. What happens if the mothers don’t approve of their potential makotis? Will their sons go ahead and marry the women they love without mommy’s consent? 

Lindiwe cooking with her mother-in-law on Makoti, Are You The One?

During this 21-day stay, everyone in the family stops doing normal chores and will leave everything for the potential wife to do. This is seen as a test by giving her a lot of work and making her sweat. Here are some of the most shocking moments so far on Makoti, Are You The One?

Gcina’s father is unimpressed with the Mkhonto family

Gcina is the only one of the four women on Makoti, Are You The One? who has got married to the man in her life. But because of an issue with lobola, her and her husband Sabelo’s marriage is not yet official in the eyes of either of the families.

Sabelo met Gcina while he was expecting his fourth baby, and made her the side lady in his life, but they didn’t last very long initially. As soon as things didn’t work out for Sabelo in his other relationships, he got back with Gcina and they had their own baby. He’s now fathering children with five different women, and two of those women, he impregnated simultaneously.

In episode 2, Gcina arrives at her in-laws, but she comes with her unimpressed father who refuses to allow his daughter to serve the Mkhonto family on her knees. Mr Mazibuko reminds them that they still need to complete what they have started regarding the lobola. Will she have a pleasant stay at the Mkhonto household? Will she impress them enough for them to complete the lobola proceedings? Time will tell …

Ntombi receives a cold welcome

Ntombi and Nhlanhla have known each other since primary school. While they parted ways at one point, they found their way back to each other, but now Nhlanhla’s family has a problem with him wanting to settle down with a woman who already has a child that isn’t his. They’ve also had arguments about the way Ntombi dresses and some family members believe that she has used muti on him.

Ntombi got a cold welcome when she arrived at her boyfriend’s home and when Nhlanhla’s grandmother finally has a conversation with him she expresses that Ntombi having a kid with someone else is the one factor that might disqualify her from becoming a wife.

Sipho’s family is not happy with Lona’s cooking

It’s as if the Showmax telenovela The Wife has inspired South African women to fall in love with taxi drivers. For Lona, going to the taxi rank became more than about going to work as it led her into the arms of Sipho, a taxi driver.

Lona after preparing a meal for Sipho's family in Makoti, Are You The One?

When Lona arrived at Sipho’s home, his mother was unimpressed when Lona wanted to stay with a helper and a friend. They made it clear that she had to take the journey all alone so that they could see if she fit the brief.

The entire family complained when she served them ready-made food instead of cooking dinner. This was followed by unsettling information surrounding Sipho’s previous relationships – but none of this was met with the level of disapproval as when Lona fell pregnant…

Things are only getting messier as the potential wives continue to go through the most. Will they withstand everything that comes with “ukukotiza”? Watch Makoti, Are You The One? now on Showmax, with new episodes every week.

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