4 December 2019

The most heartbreaking deaths on Ifalakhe

Ten episodes in, and we’ve already witnessed so many characters who have been unceremoniously killed off on Ifalakhe. Some of these were even leading characters who we thought had a long lifespan, but, to our surprise, even they have been on the chopping block. No wonder some people are calling Ifalakhe the South African Game of Thrones!

Whether you may consider a character to be healthy, charming or just downright not the dying type, the producers of Ifalakhe couldn’t care less. Even characters who possess star quality have met their demise on this local series.

These are just a few of the characters we did not expect to perish so soon.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you are not yet up to date with Ifalakhe!

The death of King Ndukuzakhe

Physically strong, charming and a leader. Those are the characteristics that made King Ndukuzakhe a character with staying power. However, within the first episode, we see King Ndukuzakhe brutally murdered and buried in a manner that is not fitting for a king of his calibre.


The butchering of Prince Thulebone

The prince had a very short screen time in comparison to his older brother, King Ndukuzakhe. The prince appeared for about sixty seconds and then it was game over.

When he heard of the death of his brother, he immediately hailed himself as the new king of the Khanya tribe. But in an unexpected turn of events, Prince Thulebone is butchered in cold blood by Queen Ibanathi, the king’s wife. Although his death was shocking, the prince became the laughing stock of social media.


The end of King Khombindlela

This is one character we seriously thought would appear on the show until the end. But, within a few episodes of Ifalakhe, the king is also cut out of the storyline.


Queen Mvelenhle’s exit

The Queen’s life is also cut short within the first few episodes. Although her role is minor on the show, she and King Khombindleda still make cameo appearances through visions and dreams on Ifalakhe.

Ngcuka’s demise

Despised by every character in the show yet loved by many viewers. Ngcuka, the evil brother of King Khombindlela, isn’t exactly the most charming or handsome of the bunch but he sure caught our attention.

After the death of King Khombindlela he reigned over the Okuhle Tribe for literally two weeks. Thanks to Queen Ibanathi, Ngcuka is dethroned after Ibanathi lodges a spear right through his chest.


The curse of Nyasha

In her attempt to save the Okuhle kingdom, Nyasha loses her life. She fought so bravely to ensure that Ifalakhe is recognised as the rightful heir of the Okuhle tribe, but instead of receiving praise for her work, she is cursed with boils and a death sentence.


The end of Mkhonto

Mkhonto’s death hurt deeply. Not only was he a great warrior but also a loyal servant to King Khombindlela. His lifelong mission was to honour and protect the king and ensure that the kingdom is ruled by its rightful heir. Unfortunately, Mkhonto dies before completing his mission. His death has left a gaping hole in the hearts of the Okuhle tribe.


It seems like every week a character must die on Ifalakhe, we can only wonder who’s next on the chopping block.

Ifalakhe airs every Sunday on Mzansi Magic at 20:00 and is available to stream on Showmax immediately after.

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