The most shocking moments on Mercy and Ike so far

8 July 2020

The most shocking moments on Mercy and Ike so far

Mercy and Ike has provided an exclusive peek into the celebrity couple. We have seen ugly fights and ego at its worst; there have also been kisses and sweet moments. We’ve watched the couple grow as businesspeople, with Mercy investing the bulk of her BB Naija prize money into real estate (Lambo Homes) and Ike running an ice cream business and a clothing line.

The show’s openness reveals how societal norms come into play when a woman is more famous and successful than her partner. Whenever there have been fights, Ike’s family always bring up Mercy’s wealth. Ike doesn’t mind, but the family pressure sometimes gets to him. This has contributed to their unnecessary arguments, but like in all romantic stories, love always wins.

Below we share the biggest moments on the show so far, from their social media fights to family drama.

My mum tried to abort me!

Mercy narrated how an insensitive comment from a relative pushed her mum into almost aborting her. “My mum told me when she goes to the farm, she will climb a tree and fall from there to get rid of me,” she said, sobbing. The confession remains the most heartbreaking moment of the show.

Mom in one room; bae in another!

Early in the show, the couple talked a lot about moving in together. Mercy’s sister Promise disapproves because Ike has not paid her bride price. “You are not yet married,” she reminded Mercy. “Mum might be coming in any moment from now, so Ike can’t be with you and your mum will be in the other room. He has a place, let him stay there.”

Mercy’s scandalous London trip

Mercy’s trip to London to see a male friend is one of the show’s most controversial moments. During the trip, Mercy uploaded suggestive pictures and videos of her and the mysterious friend, unleashing rumours of a breakup with Ike. Ike disapproves of the friendship and wants Mercy to unfollow the man on social media. She refuses.

From now on, it’s business only

Tired of the drama between him and Mercy, Ike told Venita he is focusing only on his businesses going forward. “Now I look at her like someone I can do business with to make money,” he said. “That’s it. I don’t want nothing else; I just wanna get everything I can from this [relationship].”

Well, we’ve all been here before. When all isn’t well in the relationship, and our hearts are a mess, we focus on work. And like most of us, he came back to Mercy’s waiting arms.

A hard no from Mercy

In a society like ours, you don’t say no to your man’s family so it was shocking when Mercy disagrees on a meeting with Ike’s family to discuss their future. “Why are they in our business?” she asked her boyfriend. “Is it just a meeting to meet with them, and we tell them how we sleep at night?”

The latest episodes of Mercy and Ike come to Showmax every Sunday night, straight after they air on Africa Magic Showcase.

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