The Queen: Harriet wants the throne back

By Xabiso Ngqabe22 September 2020

The Queen: Harriet wants the throne back

To our surprise, the Khoza family decides to quit the cocaine business for good in exchange for a more legal form of business. The family is offered a transport tender by Hector Sebata. However, things don’t go so smoothly. After checking all the costs, Harriet discovers that it’s the worst deal they’ve ever been offered and immediately calls a family meeting.

And just like that, the Khoza family decides to return to the drug business. The whole family agrees that it’s best to get back in the game – including Kagiso, who was against the family business from the start.

Do they have what it takes to redeem their rightful place in the business? Here’s the lowdown.

Noma undercover

Noma offers to help the Khozas by posing as a potential buyer to find out who supplies Dollar with cocaine. She meets with Dollar and tells him that she’s an old friend of Gracious.

Dollar falls for the lie and gives Noma the supplier’s numbers. But when the Khozas try to call the number, they reach a dead end. The family comes to the realisation that this is a sure sign of hard times and that they have to find ways to get back in the drug game as the main supplier.

Shaka and Thando’s relationship could be short-lived

Shaka and Thando get along like a house on fire. However, all this is about to reach a screeching halt once Shaka finds out that it’s his new squeeze and her father who are now the new main suppliers in the drug cartel.

One thing’s for sure: Shaka and Thando’s relationship was doomed from the start. And the clash between the Khozas and the Sebatas will be the final nail in their relationship’s coffin.

Jackal’s lies are exposed

So Jackal has been causing havoc ever since he stepped foot into Tembisa.

Knowing the wrong he’s done, Jackal decides to leave Tembisa. But, before he could head out, Vuyiswa arrests him for assaulting Frank and for stealing money at the Corner House, which is his son’s place of business. For shame, Jackal, for shame!

To avoid time in jail, Jackal makes up a lie about selling livestock in order to save Thato from closing down Corner House. But Vuyiswa isn’t buying it, and tells Jackal that she’s onto him.

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