The Queen: Jackal causes a lot of trouble for Thato

By Xabiso Ngqabe7 September 2020

The Queen: Jackal causes a lot of trouble for Thato

Thato can’t believe that his father, Jackal, is back in his life after all these years. Not only is he tired of his father’s empty promises but he’s also tired of his constant disappearing acts and returning whenever he pleases.

Getting rid of Jackal turns tricky

Thato hires Schumacher and Mjekejeke to threaten his father so that he’ll leave. Armed with toy guns, they find him sitting outside the Maake house polishing his shoes. What happens next is something we didn’t expect.

Things turn tricky when Jackal retaliates. The joke is now on Thato as he enters the house only to find Schumacher and Mjekejeke chilling with Jackal over a glass of beer. When Vuyiswa arrives, Jackal tells Vuyiswa (who is a detective, by the way) that Schumi and Mjekejeke were trying to rob him. Just before they’re arrested, Mjekejeke spills the beans about who initiated the whole thing.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire

Just when Jackal was ready to leave, Vuyiswa insists that Thato speak to his father so they can iron out their differences. Jackal tells Thato that he just found out that he has cancer – the news shakes Thato to the core. Thato is still mourning the death of Jerry and now he has to deal with the possibility of losing his father. He begins to regret the way he’s been treating his father and apologises.

But to our surprise, it turns out that Jackal is lying about his illness. Toxic much?

Thato’s world is turned upside down

The father-son relationship seems promising and Thato even offers Jackal a job at Corner House. This offer turns to be Thato’s greatest regret. All Jackal does is drink for free every day with his friends and cause havoc at the establishment. We can’t blame Thato for wanting to do right by his dad, but what Jackal does next is a lesson why you shouldn’t mix family with business.

Not only does he drink himself into a stupor, but while passed out, Jackal’s friends steal money from the cash register. Thato’s world turns upside down.

Shaka and Thando’s entanglement might end in tears

After a night of pleasure, Shaka wakes up to find that Thando left early in the morning. Shaka tried to score a second date with Thando but that didn’t go as planned.

“You should learn to hit & move on,” says an uninterested Thando.

Thando makes it clear that she doesn’t want a relationship, and she doesn’t want to become Shaka’s “friend with benefits” either. But after a bit of convincing from her sister, Thando decides to give Shaka a chance. However, it’s Petronella’s extensive knowledge about Shaka that piques Thando’s interest in him.

Shaka’s bad-boy persona may have scored a second chance with the feisty Thando, but it might all end in tears since Thando’s father is not only a business rival to the Khoza family but he is also behind Kea’s death.

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