The Queen: Jerry isn’t impressed with Thato’s player ways

By Xabiso Ngqabe21 July 2020

The Queen: Jerry isn’t impressed with Thato’s player ways

Warona spent a night with Thato after they decided to give their relationship a chance. While waking up at the Maake house in the morning, Jerry walks in on them and gives them a piece of his mind.

Jerry wants to put an end to Thato’s behaviour

After finding out that Thato is still messing with her daughter, Mildred goes to Jerry and Vuyiswa to declare that the boy who broke her heart by sleeping with her and her daughter is, in fact, Thato. This makes Jerry so angry that all of this has been happening in his house.

The good captain, dubbed Robocop, caught Thato and Warona in his house again after he had given them a speech.

He asks, “Why don’t you respect me, Thato? Are you bringing girls to my house?”

Not so long ago Jerry told Thato that dating older women is nice and he once did it before. Now to find out that Thato is playing games with an older and younger woman AND that the women are related infuriates Jerry even more.

Despite his very strict demeanour and dull personality, he’s doing what any parent would do as Thato is still a child in his eyes. Will Thato be man enough to admit his mistakes and take control of the situation?

Shaka and Kagiso call a truce

Shaka and Kagiso finally make peace but before they can celebrate, the cops come to question them about their recent feud that almost turned fatal.

In true Khoza fashion, the brothers deny that there was a feud. However, covering their tracks proves to be tricky when the cops exhume the body that was buried at Shaka’s place. But just before the police could question the pathologist about the autopsy report, the Khoza family beat them to it.

The brothers tracked down the pathologist and killed him after the pathologist gave the brothers an ultimatum: either they pay him R5 million or he’d spill the beans to the cops.

Khaya’s perfect family picture ruined

Shaka’s son, Khaya, witnesses the pathologist being murdered. For the first time, Khaya finds out the truth about the dark side of his family’s business dealings. Will the young man cope growing up in such a family?

The Khozas have another enemy to worry about

Jerry Maake and his team are dedicated to putting the Khozas behind bars. This time they find the dead pathologist’s phone records, where police find Kagiso’s contact details. They question why his name appears in the contacts, but, again, Kagiso denies everything.

So who does the buried body belong to?

The Khozas are proactive in working towards finding answers before the cops do.

The family asks Shaka who the buried body belongs to, and he says it’s a man by the name of Bongani Sithole. It’s then revealed that Bongani is the nephew of Wilberforce Sithole, and according to Harriet and Brutus, Sithole is that old enemy that they dread messing with. Did the Khoza family just open another can of worms?

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