The Queen: Secrets, lies and a shot fired in the Khozas bid to get back into the drug business

25 September 2020

The Queen: Secrets, lies and a shot fired in the Khozas bid to get back into the drug business

Last week, we saw the Khozas determined to get back into the drug business and find the new supplier who has taken their throne. Shaka was given the task – but little did he know that his love interest, Thando, was gearing up for the same mission. The two were heading for the same mystery meeting.

Shaka shoots Thando

In a bid to see who the supplier was without revealing himself, Shaka hired someone to pose as a drug buyer. Thando arrived, completely clueless that she was walking into a trap. While she and the buyer were talking, Shaka fired a shot from afar.

That was when he spotted, to his surprise, that the supplier was a woman – but he still didn’t realise he’d shot his girlfriend. They are both in the dark about each other’s secret connections to the drug business, and we know that the day they find out they’re at war, all hell will break loose.

Hector Sebata is out for blood

Hector’s plans to take over the drug scene have gone horribly wrong. He thought he had everything under control, but when his beloved daughter, Thando, gets shot, he realised the danger he has put her in. Even though she’s alive, he’s determined to kill the person who shot her.

But on the other hand, he’s spending so much time with Harriet and they’re getting along well. Harriet doesn’t realise that he’s the man behind her daughter, Kea’s, death, and the reason the Khozas have no place in the drug business anymore.

The Khozas are hitting a brick wall

When their initial plan goes awry, the Khozas come up with another plan to find out who the new supplier is. They invited Dollar over, then hacked his phone so they could follow his movements and conversations.

While Shaka and the family waited for the information from Dollar’s phone, on the other hand Dollar had asked for CCTV footage from his office to show Thando the lady who claimed to be Gracious’s former client.

As the plot thickens, we can’t wait to see how the truth is laid bare in front of them.

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