The Queen: Shaka is M.I.A for his engagement party

By Xabiso Ngqabe5 October 2020

The Queen: Shaka is M.I.A for his engagement party

Last week Shaka proposed to Thando, who wasted no time expressing her love and said yes to the man of her dreams. The engagement came as a surprise to both their families, however, Hector gave his blessings to Thando, saying, I’m happy for you, but that boy must know this won’t be easy.”

Hector proceeds to invite the Khoza family for a dinner party in celebration of the couple’s engagement.

Dinner disaster back at the Sebata house

The dinner was going well until Brutus interrupted Hector during a toast to Shaka and Thando. Brutus threw a series of cringe-worthy questions to Colonel Sebata that left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

Brutus thinks Hector is trying to get into Harriet’s pants, and that his kind gestures towards the Khoza family are just an act.

Uncle Brutus has always been protective of Harriet, and his gut feeling has never lead him astray when it comes to people who attempt to get closer to Harriet.

Brutus asks Hector what exactly is he hoping to get in return for all the connections he has given the Khozas – he does not get a straight answer.

Shaka is abducted

Shaka has been working tirelessly at finding out who Dollar’s mystery supplier is. After a long wait without any luck, Shaka finally gets a notification that Dollar is meeting the supplier. He follows Dollar and sees where he stashed a bag of money. Shaka then quickly goes there to plant a tracker inside the bag.

Hector got the bag, noticed the tracker, and organized his boys to find the person who planted it. Trapped in a dodgy place, Shaka tries to reason with the boys, but at that moment, Hector shows up.

Shaka immediately realises that Hector is the man behind the drug business that’s rivalling the Khoza family business and just like that, Shaka and Hector face off.

Engagement party without the man of the moment

Meanwhile back at the Sebata mansion, Kagiso isn’t pleased that Shaka is missing out on his engagement party and is bickering about what to do.

Shaka may have missed the party, but at least he now knows who is responsible for dethroning the Khoza family in the drug world.

Now it remains to be seen: will Sebata kill Shaka or will he let him live to tell the tale?

The Queen S5 is now available to stream on Showmax.

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