The Queen: Tears and drama at Shaka’s funeral

By Siyathemba Ben27 November 2019

The Queen: Tears and drama at Shaka’s funeral

A funeral is a time to accept that a loved one is gone – even when the loved one is our favourite TV character. Shaka Khoza, played by SK Khoza, has been loved and admired by fans since the first time they laid eyes on him on the Mzansi Magic telenovela. The love was evident after he was killed, with fans calling for the producers of the show to bring him back. Well, nothing says someone is never coming back like a funeral. His burial was definitely not short of drama as we saw fights, tears and all kinds of emotions.

Mmabatho is going through the motions

One person who showed a lot of emotions is Mmabatho, who was married to Shaka. Although she probably still hates him because he killed her mother, she had to put her feelings aside and pay her last respects. The grieving process hasn’t been an easy one for the mother of one and we completely understand why.

And, as if that’s not enough, she had to attend the funeral and endure being disrespected by Shaka’s side chicks. Yes, while different people were sharing their memories of the late Khoza brother, his side chicks couldn’t keep quiet and started talking about how he loved them. One even had the nerve to say that Shaka belonged to all of them.

Because she could no longer take it, Mmabatho stood up and said she wanted to share the truth about who Shaka really was. She told everyone about how her late husband broke her heart and even added that he doesn’t deserve to rest in peace. She was clearly upset and almost spilled the truth about him being responsible for her mother’s death.

She then stormed out and was followed by one of Shaka’s girlfriends, who had the nerve to tell Mmabatho that she wanted the community to feel sorry for her. This led to a fight, and Mmabatho is lucky that Prince and Kea came to her rescue. Oh, Madimetja was also there to comfort her. 

Final tributes

Different people took to the podium to speak about Shaka and how he’s impacted their lives. Schumacher, who’s worked for the Khoza family for years, described Shaka as a good man who loved him. He said Shaka was like a friend, even though he was his boss. Mjakes, who’s also been a staff member of the Khozas, mentioned that they used to give all their problems to Shaka, and he would help them with solutions. He added that nothing will be the same without him.

Petronella came through with the drama, as we expected. She recalled some of her fondest memories of Shaka and shocked everyone after adding that he was sexy. Prince spoke about Shaka being a soft and compassionate person, who would even kill for his family.

 Meanwhile, Brutus, who’s been trying too hard to be strong for everyone, broke down.

It’s evident he’ll miss his partner in crime. Kagiso, who’s responsible for Shaka’s death, still can’t forgive himself for what he did. He’s been drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Is this his way of dealing with the guilt and pain? We know he loved his brother, although they had their differences. Carrying such a big secret must be really tough for Kagiso.

Despite all the drama that took place at his funeral, it’s clear that Shaka meant a lot to the people in his life. He might be gone, but he’ll certainly never be forgotten.

What will life be like without Shaka? Stream The Queen to find out!

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