The Queen: Thato is playing the field with Mildred and Warona

By Xabiso Ngqabe6 July 2020

The Queen: Thato is playing the field with Mildred and Warona

Thato sure has been playing with fire lately. He finally has the girl of his dreams, but still wants to fool around with Mildred.

This week, Thato managed to sneak Warona into his bedroom to spend the night. After a night of passion, the two seem to be embarking on a serious relationship.

On the other hand, Mildred still wants Thato to herself and the young man still can’t resist her charm. Now he finds himself in a love triangle that might end in tears.

Thato’s playing the field

Things escalate during a family dinner at the Maake house.

Vuyiswa invites Mildred to the dinner. She decides to bring along Warona. To his surprise, Thato finds out that he’s in bed with two woman who are closely related.

Upon discovering this, he asks if Warona could keep their relationship a secret. For shame, Thato, for shame.

And just like that, he’s busted

We knew that Thato’s playboy antics would eventually catch up to him.

Mildred asked Vuyiswa that she host her charity event at The Corner House where Thato works. Things get complicated when Warona attends the event as well. Thato resorts to asking Schumacher to distract Warona while Mjekejeke does the same with Mildred.

Like any complicated love triangle, things get out of control as Mildred sneaks Thato outside for a quick chat and while at it, Warona catches them being all cosy and intimate. How will Thato get out of this one?

Will the feud among the Khoza men end anytime soon?

Kagiso is sleeping with one eye open as he fears what Shaka might do to him. Since Shaka’s return, Kagiso is the one that was tortured the most by his brother in comparison to Dingane.

He went from waking up next to Shaka’s tombstone every morning to having dreams of being locked inside a coffin. He also got shot by Brutus and is still pleading with the family to forgive him.

An eye for an eye

Kagiso finally decides to respond to Shaka with the same energy he is serving them. “If it’s the war Shaka wants, it’s the war he’ll get,” says Kagiso.

Kagiso tells Dingane that there’s a stash of money buried at the truck depot. The Khozas hid the money there a while back so that anyone who gets into trouble can access it. 

While Kagiso and Dingane attempt to dig up the money, Shaka pays a visit to the depot and notices that there are people there. He shoots at them but Kagiso and Dingane manage to run away.

After Brutus and Harriet continue to search for them they finally find out that they are alive and working on finding a safe house where Shaka won’t be able to track them. But Shaka got all the information from the private investigator and plans to kill them. Will their feud end once and for all once someone’s blood is spilled?

The Queen S4 airs every week on Mzansi Magic at 21:00 and comes express to Showmax.

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