10 July 2020

The Queen: Vivian saves the day as the Khozas edge closer to war

A great rift has occurred in the Khoza family ever since Shaka returned from the dead. Shaka is on the warpath, hellbent on revenge, and while Harriet and Brutus try to fix the wrong Kagiso and Dingane have done to Shaka, things get worse.

Vivian to the rescue

When we first found out about Harriet’s new private investigator, we thought Shaka would use her to get information about Kagiso and Dingane’s whereabouts. However, Vivian’s had a great plan up her sleeve the entire time and it’s about to work like a charm.

Immediately after Vivian found Kagiso and Dingane, Harriet kept the news from Shaka. However, Shaka has other ideas about how he plans on getting information out of Vivan.

Being the ever-so-charming man that he is, Shaka lures Vivian into his room and seduces her in the hopes of getting information out of the private investigator. Shaka thinks he’s one step ahead, but little does he know that Vivian is ten more steps ahead of him.

The cat and mouse chase

Vivian leads Harriet and Brutus to a remote forest where Kagiso and Dingane are hiding.

In an unexpected twist of events, she actually leads them to the wrong place. Meanwhile, Vivian heads to another location where Kagiso is waiting for her. It turns out that the two have been working together all along.

At their meetup Vivian suddenly pulls out her gun and gets ready for war as Shaka and his goons make their way to them.

Vivian played by Thabisile Zikhali on The Queen Showmax.

Shaka is arrested

Shaka manages to catch up to them and gets into a brawl with Dingane while Kagiso and Vivian make a run for it.

Harriet and Brutus have now figured out Vivian and Kagiso’s plan and dash to the scene. Upon arrival, they manage to calm down Shaka who is adamant about finishing off Dingane.

By now the police have caught wind of what’s happening with the Khoza family. Upon arrival, Detective Vuyiswa can’t believe that it is Shaka standing in front of her while they arrest him.

”Whatever I say to you now is exactly what you’re going to say to the cops, do you hear me?” says Harriet.

The Khozas do what they are known for – covering their tracks. And just like that, Shaka is set free.

Khaya comes back home

Harriet asks Shaka what will it take to put an end to all this mess. His response is that he just wants his life back.

We know that his wife, Mmabatho, wants nothing to do with him but at least not all hope is lost as his son, Khaya, comes home for a visit. He’s Shaka’s whole world right now, as Mmabatho also won’t let him see his youngest son, Mzi.


Will Khaya be the solution to Shaka’s ongoing need for revenge?

The Queen airs every weekday on Mzansi Magic at 21:00 and express to Showmax.

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