The Queen: Siyanda’s wedding ends in blood – and Shaka returns!

18 June 2020

The Queen: Siyanda’s wedding ends in blood – and Shaka returns!

It’s wedding week, and we all know that in The Queen, wedding ceremonies never end well.

Kagiso has cold feet

It’s been a whirlwind of emotions for Kagiso as he battles with the decision of marrying Siyanda, which will change his life forever.

He still doesn’t talk much to Siyanda; he doesn’t even touch nor seem to notice her.

It’s clear that his heart is still with Goodness, but since she found out about his situation with Siyanda, Goodness has given him the cold shoulder.

As he struggles to come to terms with her rejection, Kagiso has no choice but to warm up to the idea of having Siyanda as his wife and baby mama.

Kagiso assures Siyanda that after the wedding she can move back to their room. He sets the date for the wedding and they choose a cake together.

However, getting intimate is not in Kagiso’s plans. This becomes a tough situation for Siyanda as she is out of options on her mission to fall pregnant again after losing their child through a miscarriage.

Siyanda has been scheming behind Kagiso’s back to try to get a doctor to help her fall pregnant ASAP.

After almost getting caught speaking to the doctor, Siyanda has since looked for an alternative solution, because sleeping with Kagiso has proven to be futile.

Her alternative was to ask Schumacher for his sperm.

A wedding to remember

Siyanda decided to use Schumacher’s mpesu – a herb used to boost a man’s sexual performance in bed – to encourage Kagiso to sleep with her.

But, on their wedding day, Siyanda poured a bit too much of the potion in Kagiso’s drink, and everything went downhill from there.

Kagiso became extremely wasted, unable to say a word or even stand upright. He not only humiliated himself but Siyanda as well. She was visibly upset and stormed away from him at the altar like a runaway bride.

Siyanda is shot – and Shaka is back!

But the biggest drama was to come. Weeping in her room, Siyanda is confronted by Goodness – and she has murder on her mind …

Then, as we were reeling from that shock, a bigger one hit us: Shaka returns from the dead.

Before we knew it, Siyanda was shot and thrown over the balcony by Goodness, and Shaka returned from the dead …

So much is happening on The Queen these days that we’re literally sitting on the edge of our couches with every episode that airs.

The Queen S4 airs every week on Mzansi Magic at 21:00 and express to Showmax.

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