The Queen: Welcome Back Shaka!

By Xabiso Ngqabe22 June 2020

The Queen: Welcome Back Shaka!

While Kagiso is busy drowning his sorrows after his disastrous wedding, he receives a rude awakening in the form of a spinning kick. And it’s all thanks to Shaka.

For the past couple of episodes, Kagiso has been waking up in front of Shaka’s tombstone. Confused and in a daze, he could not fully grasp what was happening to him considering that Shaka died a few months ago.

However, his half brother is actually not dead. Shaka is alive and is out for vengeance. But honestly, how?

Didn’t we all watch his body go up in flames after Dingane set fire to the vehicle where his lifeless body lay?

The return of Shaka

In fear, Kagiso questions Dingane about what they did to Shaka and they both start to wonder whether he could still be alive. The cousins thought they had finished with Shaka but they were wrong – this is the beginning of their worst nightmare coming true.

The two begin to dig up Shaka’s grave to see if his remains are still there. While digging, Harriet and Brutus show up at the scene.

It is at this point that Shaka makes his grand return in the night.

Harriet faints and Uncle Brutus runs for his life. The next day his uncle and step-mom finally come to terms with the fact that Shaka is indeed alive.

Who’s going to suffer Shaka’s wrath?

What seemed to be a carefully orchestrated cover-up of Shaka’s death by the cousins has come back to bite them.

Dingane has been enjoying a cushy life at the Khoza mansion while reconnecting with his father, Uncle Brutus.

While life has dealt him a bad hand, Kagiso is still Harriet’s favourite. But with the return of Shaka and both Harriet and Brutus determined to find those who attempted to kill him, it surely won’t be long until they discover the role Kagiso and Dingane played …

The Queen S4 airs every week on Mzansi Magic at 21:00 and express to Showmax.

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