The Queen:  Will Shaka and Brutus survive the mob justice attacks?

By Siyathemba Ben21 August 2019

The Queen: Will Shaka and Brutus survive the mob justice attacks?

We are still trying to make sense of Monday and Tuesday evenings’ episodes of The Queen. Things have escalated so fast that we’re wondering if we won’t be seeing a funeral on the show any time soon. Not to be dramatic or anything, but we’re really shook.

If there’s anything we’ve noticed this week, it’s that the community of Tembisa will not tolerate drugs. Not even from the most powerful family. They made this perfectly clear after going after Shaka and his uncle, Brutus, who are famous for their family drug business. In case you missed it, residents are not just angry because the Khozas sell drugs, but because their supply killed children, now known as the Tembisa Ten. So, they want justice and they want it now.

Angry mob comes for Shaka and Brutus

They made their way to the home of Shaka’s mother, Zodwa, and demanded to see Shaka and Brutus. Zodwa agreed but only on one condition: she needed to ensure her grandson’s safety. She went inside the house and asked Shaka’s aunt to protect the baby. The mob was waiting outside, not knowing that Brutus and Shaka were making their way out. After a short while, angry residents got inside the house and found Zodwa alone. They started destroying her home and after realising that Shaka and Brutus had disappeared, Zodwa also got the beating of her life.

Violence ensued later that day and Shaka’s aunt, who had baby Mzi on her back, was shot.

We were all worried thinking that the baby had died. But fortunately, he’s still alive. However, as we watched on Tuesday night, the mob wouldn’t rest until Shaka and Brutus were brought to book.

So, the riots continued, and things got extremely ugly as the mob was still looking for Shaka and Brutus. The two were eventually found hiding in a shack, and this is when a huge fight broke out. The mob was out for blood, but it wasn’t an easy battle because Shaka showed them that he knows a thing or two about fighting. He really tried his best to defend himself but there’s only so much you can do when you’re facing so many angry residents. In the end, we saw Shaka and Brutus being attacked so much that they couldn’t fight back.

Is this the end for Shaka and Brutus?

It was like watching a scene from an action movie (no jokes) and the episode obviously got a lot of fans talking. Some were feeling sorry for Shaka and Brutus, while others wondered if this would be the end for them. Here are some of the reactions:

And there’s one person who feels that things wouldn’t have gotten so bad if Shaka and Brutus hadn’t attacked Kagiso, who has since become blind as a result. He would have probably rescued them from the mess.

We’re eagerly waiting for the next episode to see what will happen to Shaka and Brutus. Will they survive the mob justice attacks, or will we things go from bad to worse? You can follow The Queen on Showmax, express from the Mzansi Magic broadcast.

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