The Real Housewives of Durban S3: Nonku is not ready for marriage

By Zimkhitha8 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Durban S3: Nonku is not ready for marriage

You know it’s real when you introduce your person to your family. Well, that’s what we thought when Nonku took her new man to her mother and children. However, despite admitting that she loves RD, the single mother is not quite ready to walk down the aisle.

After meeting the new man in her daughter’s life, the queen decided to have a chat with Nonku. She wanted to get a better understanding of the relationship so that she could be at ease.

“You know I love you,” the queen told Nonku. “I want the truth. Can we talk woman to woman?”

RD’s intentions are clear

Nonku told her mother that she hasn’t introduced any man to her children after her divorce. “I would never do anything like invite a random stranger they don’t know. I felt it was necessary,” she explained. It seems like the queen wasn’t ready to meet RD and was shocked when she came face to face with him.

However, it doesn’t look like she has much to worry about because Nonku trusts her man’s intentions. “I really believe he does love me and if it were up to him, we’d be married already,” she said. Nonku also added that she really does love RD. Although she loves him, she mentioned that she has “reservations about marriage”.

While Nonku might not be certain about tying the knot, her new man is clear about wanting to marry her. He even told her mother that he wants to marry Nonku. The queen understands that Nonku isn’t quite sure about the whole situation and believes that if RD really loves Nonku, he’ll wait for her.

The queen understands Nonku’s situation

The proud mother has been watching and observing her daughter, and knows exactly what it feels like to be a single mother. She also knows that carrying the load alone as a single parent can get too much. She sees the need for a man. “I understand. At times, we as women, maybe you need a man just to drive your car and take your children to school. I know. To take that load off your shoulders,” she told her daughter.

Nonku feels blessed to have her mother in her corner. “My mom is such a great mom. Honestly, I cannot fault her. When I think of God’s love, I see my mom like that. You know, someone who loves first and she puts my happiness first,” she said.

Will Nonku and RD’s relationship make it to the aisle? Keep watching The Real Housewives of Durban on Showmax. New episodes air every Wednesday.

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