The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3:  Sorisha and Nonku’s argument

By Zimkhitha15 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3: Sorisha and Nonku’s argument

Do you remember that private jet drama from last season of the Real Housewives of Durban? Well, it looks like the ladies were at it again on the latest episode of the hit reality show and this time, Sorisha was over it!  

It all started when Nonku asked how Sorisha arrived at Jojo’s getaway in the Drakensberg. She obviously knew that Sorisha, Slee and Annie had travelled together via helicopter, but she just wanted to be spicy. The ladies were having a decent conversation at the dinner table before Nonku brought this up.  

Why was Jojo not invited?  

Sorisha told her: “Nonku, I was going to ask you to come with me. And then when I phoned the pilot, the pilot said Nonku Williams is taking the same one tomorrow.” Indeed, Nonku also travelled to the venue with her man via helicopter. So, why was she so concerned about how others arrived? It turns out that she was trying to find out why Jojo wasn’t invited on the ride.  

Nonku then asked who accompanied Sorisha on the ride. “Who did you invite?,” she asked, adding, “What about Jojo?” At this point, it was clear that Nonku was starting something. Annie felt that since Jojo invited them on the trip, she could have come however she wanted to. She labelled the whole situation as the “stupidest” thing she’s ever had to listen to in her life.  

Sorisha then had to explain how the trip came about. “No, you’re getting this wrong,” she told Nonku. “My husband called the aviation and they were like, ‘you would like to fly this time? Oh, by the way, someone’s flying tomorrow’. So, we didn’t even know if a helicopter was available.” She told Nonku not to spin this because there’s nothing to spin. “I’m not spinning,” Nonku replied. Sorisha added: “You’re literally grasping at straws and it’s very tiring.”  

Slee, the substitute  

Sorisha was clearly not impressed. “I don’t have time for this, I can choose whoever I want.” She also didn’t understand why Nonku was so angry as she also had a chance to fly to the venue. “I mean you flew in and you’re still upset that you… about something. I’m like, what are we doing?”  

Slee then chimed in and mentioned the fact that Nonku’s issue is the fact that she was selected to fly with Sorisha, instead of Jojo. Nonku got upset and told Slee not to put words in her mouth. Nonku added: “So, Slee was a substitute?”  

Sorisha was evidently not feeling Nonku’s energy, and she shared: “Her communication and the way she’s speaking to me is like nonsensical.” There was a back and forth, with Nonku telling people to shut up. “You were just the substitute so shut the f** up,” Nonku told Slee.   

An unimpressed Sorisha said: “I’m sorry for being crucified for such a small judgement in who I decide to fly with in my path.” After this, Nonku asked to speak to Sorisha in private so that they could get a chance to iron things out.  

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