The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Jojo accepts Mabusi’s apology

By Zimkitha11 April 2024

The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Jojo accepts Mabusi’s apology

Friend of the show, Mabusi, made another appearance on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Durban. This time around she wasn’t there to start anything, but simply wanted to make things right with Jojo. The two ladies had a rough encounter a few episodes ago and Mabusi ended up saying something she now regrets.

She saw an opportunity to apologise to Jojo during Slee’s fashion event. All the co-stars were present, including RHODurban OG, Annie. Mabusi said in front of everyone: “Guys, since you were all there – most of you were there when something happened between me and Jojo. That situation.”

Mabusi in RHODurban S4 on Showmax

She looked at Jojo and said: “Jojo, I want to say I’m sorry, please forgive me. From the bottom of my heart. It came out wrong, even though I wanted to hurt your feelings because I felt betrayed at some point. I took your apology seriously that time and I felt like you didn’t mean it… I felt stupid.” Mabusi explained that her words to Jojo came out wrong and she didn’t mean to take it there. “That was out of my character. I’m not someone who sees colour. I don’t know how I even said but I realised that after I said it,” she added.

Mabusi is aware of the importance of taking accountability, especially in front of the other ladies. “I’m glad that it’s happening how it’s happening.” She told Jojo that it’s okay she feels like she doesn’t want to be her friend. “It’s okay. But just that for forgiveness so that I can sleep at night,” she shared.

Jojo was taken aback by the apology because she didn’t expect it to be genuine. “I feel like she genuinely is sorry, and I think she knows what she said was wrong,” Jojo said.

Jojo in RHODurban S4 on Showmax

Looking at Mabusi, Jojo said: “I don’t want you to not sleep at night. And listen, I feel like me and you have been through the ringer. I wasn’t ready. I was thinking like, I just don’t even want to hear it.” She acknowledged that Mabusi’s coming from an honest place and she means her apology. “You’ve accepted mine in the past, so, how could I not accept yours. So, I accept, and I hope you do sleep at night better.”

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