The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Nonku and Slee’s friendship is dead and buried

By Zimkitha25 April 2024

The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Nonku and Slee’s friendship is dead and buried

We didn’t expect anything less than drama from the ladies’ last supper. Instead of healing from the past and moving on, the co-stars proved that sometimes things just don’t work out between friends. While Nonku was the one who introduced Slee on the show in the previous season, the former buddies drifted apart, and their relationship doesn’t look like it will get better any time soon.

On the latest episode of the hit Showmax reality show, Slee made it clear that she doesn’t trust Nonku. This was said during dinner, in front of the other ladies. Slee shared that she hasn’t healed. “That’s so sad. Like, if you haven’t healed, I mean I’m sorry to say, you’re only hurting yourself,” Nonku told Slee.

Appalling behaviour

“According to Nonku, healing looks like ignoring the offences from the next person,” Slee said. Nonku feels that she’s taken accountability for her part in their relationship breakdown. “I’ve said things that are horrible that I am sorry about. I’ve communicated that to you,” Nonku said to Slee. She added: “It’s as though you did nothing.”

Jojo brought up the fact that Slee hit Nonku, which she denied. Later that evening, Slee revealed that she met with RD, Nonku’s ex. “I’m not even appalled. I don’t even think a word has been created to reveal how I’m feeling.” When asked why she accepted the invite, she explained that he had been asking to meet with her and while she kept refusing, she eventually gave in.

The end of the road

“I cannot believe you can degrade yourself to that level and come here and sit and speak to me,” Nonku said. She concluded that Slee hates her and even called her a witch. Nonku then stormed out. Jojo and Maria told Slee that her actions were wrong and that she shouldn’t have met with him. “That’s a very sore topic for her so she doesn’t want to bring it up … I don’t feel like you should have met him,” Jojo told Slee.

Nonku came back to the table as she wanted to change the narrative. She believed that they were still friends, Slee had information about RD that she could have shared with her. “Now you sit here, you have the audacity to tell me nonsense. This is rubbish you’re telling me.” Nonku was upset and said this was one of the darkest periods of her life. She then made it clear that Slee is dead to her.

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