RHODurban S4 reunion part 1 serves shade and spice

By Zimkitha15 May 2024

RHODurban S4 reunion part 1 serves shade and spice

MaBlerh had one intention for The Real Housewives of Durban reunion special: to restore the dignity of healing. The host left no stone unturned during the first part of the show as he grilled the ladies about some of the things they said and did on the show.

As expected, the cast members were all dolled up and were ready to answer some of the most uncomfortable questions. Before starting with the hectic stuff, MaBlerh got off on a light note and made a joke about Sorisha being the puppet master and asked how she’d like the show to go. He congratulated Jojo for being a different person this season as people are now into her.

He then made a comment about Slee no longer being financially overstretched, and told Angel and Zama to put their phones away as there would not need to record anything. It was all shade and spice until the host finally stood on business.

So, how did part 1 of the reunion go? First things first, MaBlerh wanted to address some things with Angel.

The Real Housewives of Durban S4 reunion

Did Angel rent a boyfriend?

New to the Housewives cast, Angel came under fire this season for her “inconsistent” story about the man in her life. Some viewers even went as far as labelling him as a “rent-a-boyfriend”.

Addressing the comments about her love life, she said: “If I rented a boyfriend, do you think Ayanda, his sister, would literally come and literally make up a lie? I’ve met his mom, his friends know us, people who follow us on Instagram have seen me post this man.”

The Real Housewives of Durban S4 reunion

Maria is a well-kept ex-wife

During the heated session, Maria and her ex-husband’s relationship was also questioned. MaBlerh asked her: “Where is your wedding ring?”. She explained that when she joined the cast last year, she mentioned that she’s divorced. She added that she and her ex “were actually in a place where we were working on our relationship, and unfortunately, it didn’t work out”.

Maria also shared that they are great together. “We are best friends; we raise a beautiful son together. I’m a well-kept ex-wife.” And the bonus? She kept the house in the divorce.

The Real Housewives of Durban S4 reunion on Showmax

Shade and ageism

Romantic relationships were not the only ones under scrutiny. Zama and Sorisha, who didn’t get along well on the show, had some explaining to do. The two ladies’ relationship wasn’t a great one as they often made shady comments about each other’s looks and age.

Zama, who referred to Sorisha as Michael Jackson on one of the episodes, was asked if she’d like to apologise. She refused. Meanwhile, Sorisha was questioned about her comments about Zama’s age. “I was irritated because in our meeting at the coffee shop she [Zama] did ‘I’m in my forties’. Which means she was not 40 and she said it didn’t matter,” Sorisha said.

They asked Zama to confirm her birth year, which is 1983. “Whether you believe me or not, I mean it’s neither here nor there ‘cause I know I look great, I feel great,” Zama responded.

Sorisha went on to add: “For me, it was just that I think you’ve been in the industry so long, I didn’t realise that you started so young,” However, she was called out for being shady, which she admitted.

Is there room for friendship between the co-stars? “I think under different circumstances, without the group, maybe on our own I would probably try again. But also, a very slim shady chance at that,” Sorisha agreed. Zama shared the same sentiments.

The Real Housewives of Durban S4 reunion on Showmax

The biggest relationship drama of the season was arguably between Slee and Nonku. While the two got along initially, their friendship took a turn for the worse and it doesn’t look like it will get back on track. There have been accusations of witchcraft and scamming, which have made things tense. But the worst part of it all is that Slee met up with Nonku’s ex-boyfriend, RD, in attempt to understand what led to the end of their relationship.

Explaining her meeting with RD, Slee said: “I owe no loyalties to Nonku. We are not friends. So, if RD wants to meet with me I will give him an ear. I don’t owe her any loyalty. And also, another main reason that I wanted to speak to RD is the fact that he scammed Nonku. How does he do that?”.

Nonku wasn’t impressed and told Slee: “To believe a convict, to sit down with a convict?”. When it was brought up that she dated a convict she admitted that yes, it was her past. She asked Slee if she got her healing and said she’d be praying for her.

The Real Housewives of Durban S4 reunion

Nonku mentioned that Slee went back to her past. “Something that I buried, something that clearly hurt me. She goes there and sits with in hopes to vindicate whatever. That’s why I’m saying I’m so confused.”

The Real Housewives of Durban reunion continues as part w promises to bring more things to the surface. Catch the episode on Wednesday, 22 May, right here on Showmax.

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