The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Sorisha walks out in tears

22 May 2024

The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Sorisha walks out in tears

After a jaw-dropping Season 4 reunion where we saw OG Durban housewife Sorisha Naidoo walk out in tears, there is a lot that is up in the air regarding her place in the show. In Part 2 of the reunion, the ladies put all of their issues on the table and discussed why they could not move forward as a group.

Over the years, The Real Housewives of Durban has had two camps and Season 4 is no different. In one camp you have OG Sorisha Naidoo, Slee Ndlovu, who joined in Season 3, and newcomers Ameigh Thompson and Angel Ndlela. In the other camp, you have OG housewife Nonku Williams, Jojo Robinson, who joined in Season 2, Maria Valaskatzis, who joined in Season 3, and newcomer Zama Ngcobo. 

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During Season 4, there have been talks from the ladies about there being a puppet master in the group and MaBlerh asked the ladies directly to name who they thought was the puppet master. Jojo and Maria both said Sorisha, and Sorisha and Angel both said Jojo.

In her first interview post-reunion, Sorisha spills the tea on her current state of mind and how she feels about her co-stars. 

How do you feel about everything that was said about you in the finale?

It was very hard to watch the final episode and not feel a certain way about it. I feel very disheartened that nobody felt that they had to apologize to me. By the time the apology was trying to come through at the reunion, I was over it. I was already checked out.

Since filming the reunion and leaving in the middle of it, have you had a change of heart?

Yes, the minute I came back to my family, my friends and my inner circle, I felt so calm and balanced. I left everything that happened at the reunion. I am in a good place, surrounded by love and positive energy. I am not even thinking about anything from that day.

You left the reunion early. Is there anything that was unsaid on your part?

I was there for 90% of the time. I was hoping that we would clarify some issues and be able to amicably work some things out but that did not happen. People were very hard in their mindsets and they weren’t going to change their minds, so there was no point in saying certain things. 

You previously said that you knew who your friends were and you knew the people who you did not want to be around. After the reunion, do you still feel the same way?

For me, my friends are the awesome foursome. We are still tight. We still chat on the daily and, now more than ever, I have cemented how I feel about everyone else.  

What did Season 4 teach you about yourself?

Season 4 gave me some lessons. Watching the show, there were things I uncovered about myself. I learned to trust in myself more and not always want to please people. 

As one of the OGs of Durban, are you going to be back for Season 5 if there is one?

If there is a major shakeup, and the show is more aspirational, and we see each other as women and not anything else, I would be back. 

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