The Real Housewives of Durban S4: The apology tour

By Zimkitha11 April 2024

The Real Housewives of Durban S4: The apology tour

In an effort to fix her relationship with the other ladies, Angel decided to go on an “apology tour”. The new Real Housewives of Durban cast member has had her fair share of drama with some of her co-stars and seems to have realised that she was in the wrong in some instances. While the stars were out in the Drakensburg, unkind words were said and as you know, you can’t really take things back, but you can attempt to make things right.

First on Angel’s list of people to apologise to was Slee. “I’m going on tour, guys,” she told Sorisha, Ameigh and Slee. “Not for my music, but for apologies.” Angel feels that she didn’t have Slee’s back when Sorisha and Ameigh were not around. The apology was well received, although Slee needs some time to get over the conversation about her spiritual practice.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 4 on Showmax

A cold welcome

Maria was the second person on Angel’s list. She explained: “I want to apologise to Maria because I don’t think that in this group your safety should be compromised by another lady. And me standing up and towering over her like that was just compromising on her safety regardless of the issues that we have.” On the previous episode of the hit Showmax series, Angel almost got physical with Maria after making a comment about her lips.

Angel, who admitted that she tends to be more reactive before she thinks, believes that she needs to respect others. “But if I’m going to be around people in general it’s very important to respect other people.” She reached out to Maria, however, she didn’t receive a warm welcome. “I can’t really read how Maria is feeling. But I think when I look at her, she looks very upset,” she said after walking into Maria’s room.

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 4 on Showmax

Nothing from Maria’s side

Maria, on the other hand, has nothing to talk about. “With all honesty, I feel like you and I have absolutely nothing to saying to each other. I think we should just leave it where it is. Words were said, it shows that things were being thought of and where I am right now I have zero to tell you,” she told Angel.

When Angel asked if Maria is at least willing to hear her out, she said: “I am not willing to listen either because I don’t think that there are any excuses in this entire world that will make up for what had happened.” She added that she’d like it if Angel didn’t come to her dinner later that evening. “But you can do what it is that you want. Your relationship with me is different with your relationship with the other ladies. So, it is what it is and if there are other ladies would like you there, then I’m happy,” Maria said and then walked away, leaving Angel alone. Angel realised that she had no choice but to leave and didn’t show up at the dinner.

Maria in episode 8 of The Real Housewives of Durban S4

During their dinner, Maria explained to the ladies: “Personally, I would not like her [Angel] to attend tonight. However, she does have friends and if her friends would like her to be here she’s most welcome.” Sorisha didn’t think Maria’s energy was welcoming at all. “It’s a shame, guys, because we were all about the healing so obviously we’re not gonna heal and we don’t want to forgive,” Sorisha commented.

Sorisha believes that everyone deserves second chances and that Jojo said worse about Maria on the boat last season. “And Angel said it once.” However, Maria is not ready to hear any of it. “I will hear it when I’m ready,” Maria said. “And that’s the end,” she added.

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