The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3: Has Jojo had enough of the drama?

By Zimkhitha22 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3: Has Jojo had enough of the drama?

Jojo has had enough of her “friends” and Real Housewives of Durban cast mates. This is a surprising revelation from the reality TV star, especially because she’s been getting along with her fellow Housewives this season, and even developed a close relationship with Nonku. 

On the latest episode of the hit Showmax Original show, Jojo had an outburst that left everyone shook. The drama started after Jojo said to the rest of ladies: “It has come to my attention, and the other day when Annie came into my room sort of confirmed it and I was like ‘hmmm…’ that basically now all of a sudden I’m a drinker.” Jojo added: “And Miss Anne when you came in my room… the first thing you did she came in and said ‘it smells of alcohol’.” 

Jojo in The Real Housewives of Durban

It’s not that deep 

Annie felt that Jojo was being dramatic. “It’s because I could smell alcohol,” she said. But Jojo didn’t take this well as it implies that she’s now seen as someone who drinks. “Everyone is gonna look at me like I’m a drunk sitting in my room piss drunk. I was hurt by that,” Jojo shared.  

According to Annie, it’s not that deep: “She’s [Jojo] literally misconstruing what I said and making it something that it’s not.”  

Annie in The Real Housewives of Durban

“It is deep, Annie, because it hurts and if something hurts I’m gonna say it,” Jojo said.

Meanwhile, Sorisha didn’t understand why Jojo was bringing all of this up and found it very weird. Nonku also stepped in and told Annie: “If Jojo is saying she’s hurt, Annie, I think she’s fair and right to say you said something to her and I don’t like what you said. Surely she’s got a right to say that. All you have to do is just listen.”  

Jojo leaves the table

The conversation escalated after Annie mentioned: “I’m not gonna have this conversation because we’re not gonna pretend like Jojo’s never had a drink in her life.” Jojo then got emotional and said: “You [Annie] and Sorisha hate me for some reason.”

Jojo got very upset, raised her voice and even got up from her chair. As she was getting up, she hit a glass off the table and the contents of the glass spilled all over Nonku. Jojo then walked away.  

Sorisha and Nonku in The Real Housewives of Durban

Goodbye for now?  

Jojo said, “This group triggers me like nothing else. In the years I have been with Calven, the only times I have been triggered have been with this group. This friendship is pointless. Everything here is pointless,” she said, adding that she’s done. “I don’t need them in my life.”  

The following morning, Jojo’s husband came to fetch her. Before they left, Jojo had a chat with Maria and explained: “I just think I got to the point where, you know, being around this group is just very triggering and I think I’ve gotten to the point where I have to just accept that I’m not meant for them.”

Jojo is crying in RHODurban S3 episode 8

Jojo said she’s walking away from friendships that she thought were real.  I’m just gonna have to step away from the girls and the friendship… I just don’t have any peace in this group.”  

That was an unexpected turn of events. Is this goodbye? Watch The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3 to find out. Catch new episodes every Wednesday on Showmax. 

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