The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 4: “If you’re going to give us drama, come correct!”

23 October 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 4: “If you’re going to give us drama, come correct!”

Crazy things always happen on The Real Housewives of Lagos, but last week’s episode was extraordinarily explosive. It started off rather lovely but ended with some of the best reality TV moments you’ll ever witness.

The episode opens with the bourgeois Chioma Ikokwu making amala with her new best friend, Iyabo. As they eagerly await their meal, they start discussing Faith Morey’s Botox party, which, according to both women, fell short of expectations. Iyabo humorously describes it as feeling like a burial ceremony.

“Honestly, when I walked in, I was like, who died?” Chioma adds. “Don’t ever take me to a party like that again because I wasn’t born or created to suffer, sweat, be exhausted, or feel hungry and thirsty at a party, and that’s exactly what that event was giving.”

Amidst the lively gossip, the amala with an array of delicious orisirisi arrives.

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Iyabo is taking the ladies on a girls’ trip. From Season 1, we know she hosts the best getaways. Drama is always on the menu, and trust us, you’re not ready for the chaos that unfolds at this getaway. They are heading to Epe Resort and Spa and will stay in the luxury garden suites. Iyabo isn’t inviting Laura, though, holding a grudge from Laura’s attitude at her daughter’s event last season. But unknown to her, Chioma has invited Laura.

“If Laura comes to this event and Iyabo is like, ‘Who invited you, what are you doing here?’ I will just hide my head in shame,” Chioma says.

She invites the melodramatic Dr Rommel sha, who seems to be the must-have guest at every event this season.

The new girls bond

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Faith and Tania are headed to the Happiness Centre for a yoga session. Tania suggested the date to get to know Faith better, as she perceives her to be somewhat uptight. The hilarious twist is that Tania is unfamiliar with yoga.

“Why am I here? Who sent me this message?” she rhetorically asks. “I’m now looking foolish. I’m the one who invited someone, and I’m the one struggling, but whatever.”

After a rather wobbly yoga session, they go to a cafe upstairs for a heart-to-heart. Tania doesn’t waste any time and dives right in. “You’re the only one I’ve figured out so far,” she tells Faith.

Chioma and Tiannah’s meeting

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Following the unexpected apology, Chioma and Tiannah have scheduled a meeting to discuss their issues. However, the atmosphere is already tense. Tiannah is convinced the meeting will be a disaster, while Chioma simply wants to see how it turns out.

When they meet, Chioma immediately brings up the reunion incident where Tiannah attempted to assault her physically. Tiannah counters that Chioma hasn’t acknowledged the hurtful things she said to her.

“At Laura’s fashion show, I felt like you were trying to paint a picture like ‘Toyin isn’t Laura’s friend, oh, she was showing me her collection at the fashion show,’'” Tiannah points out when Chioma asks her to mention the hurtful things she said.

However, this doesn’t de-escalate the situation, as neither party is willing to accept blame. The conversation turns into a heated argument, with voices gradually rising.

Why Is Faith dressed in black?

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Iyabo and Faith Morey’s drama shows no signs of stopping. Faith arrives at the resort with Tiannah, who’s dressed in a white robe. Iyabo is all smiles with Tiannah and even spins her around to get a 360-degree look at her outfit.

However, she is not pleased with Faith’s super stylish all-black ensemble; in fact, she has a problem with it.

“Why is Faith dressed in all black?” she asks. “This girl and funerals have something in common. Nobody is dying here today; we’re here to have fun. Please don’t wear black to my event.”

Later that night, Iyabo celebrates her 25-year anniversary in the film industry with the women. It is a stripper-themed picnic, but what should have been a celebration turns into a heated night with Faith and Mariam going at each other with disparaging remarks. While trying to settle the issue, Iyabo gets into a fight with Faith.

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