The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: “Barbie’s mother”

By Zimkitha12 June 2024

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: “Barbie’s mother”

Tensions flared during a seemingly light-hearted conversation on the latest episode of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Trouble started when Liz referred to Christall as “Barbie’s mother”. This happened during a chat where Mel was labelled as Barbie. Because she felt like Liz’s comment didn’t come from a good place, Christall ended saying some things that were not so nice.

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Compliments vs insults

The ladies had a back and forth, which led to Liz going outside. When she got outside, she asked some ladies, who aren’t part of the cast, what they would say if she were to call them Barbie’s mother. “Thank you,” they replied.

While Mel thinks Liz’s comment was a meant as a compliment, Christall had other thoughts.

She shared: “I know when people are complimenting me, and I know when they’re being nice and when they’re being nasty. I’m very clear…” LaConco, on the other hand, was concerned about how Christall responds to comments. “Christall is well in her fifties. She must find a way to confront someone without insulting, without being rude, without name calling,” she said.

LaConco went outside to have a brief chat with Liz.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip - South Africa

The voice of reason

“I’m not here to ask you to go back. So, I’m quite disappointed in you,” she said, and then described Christall as “fragile”. According to Liz, Christall is annoying. “Listen, but what about the 28-year-old?” Liz was referring to Christall’s ex-husband.

“No, it comes from somewhere,” LaConco interjected, adding: “Let me tell you how… When you said you are the Barbie doll mom, her mind tells her that you mean she’s old. She just said it. Her telling you that she’s married to a person who was then 26 and now 28 — because they married two years ago — she’s proving a point to you that she’s still got the moose and the jam for the fact that she was married to a younger person.”

Dance and make up

LaConco and Liz then made their way back inside. When they walked in, Christall apologised for a mean comment she made about Liz after the Barbie doll comments. “It was really like, coming from a low blow.” She also added: “Like, I just felt we’d been sitting here for so long talking and insulting and it’s just getting worse and worse to the point that I’m Barbie’s mother…” Liz accepted Christall’s apology. They made up and Christall ended up dancing for the ladies.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip - South Africa

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