The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Christall vs Bev

By Zimkitha4 June 2024

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Christall vs Bev

We’re only two episodes into The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and the ladies are serving top-tier entertainment. From the shade to the fake compliments, this is the level of drama fans signed up for. While the South African reality TV stars have only been in each other’s presence for a short while, some of already established which ladies they don’t want in their circle.

The ultimate betrayal

Christall, who had a heated exchange with Lethabo on the first episode, has decided that she doesn’t want Bev to be her friend. This comes after Bev seemingly took a liking to Lethabo, which left Christall feeling betrayed.

“At the table what happened is Lejoy climbed into me. I was asked a question by Nonku who respectfully wanted to find out happened in my show [Real Housewives of Johannesburg].” Christall told Bev that she was attacked, put down and insulted. “You and Lejoy are the only two ladies that I actually know and last night both you and her disappointed me all the way,” she shared.

According to Christall, Bev took Lethabo’s side. “After you had heard how she really damaged me at the table, then you start singing her praises in front of me … Saying things like, ‘oh you’re so real and lovely’.” Bev responded by saying she does think Lethabo is lovely.

Not friends, just acquaintances

She added: “The thing is that you’ve got a relationship with her. She’s saying one thing, you say another thing. I wasn’t there. I like her.” In her diary session, Bev shared: “We’re not friends, we’re acquaintances.” She told Christall that they’re adults and grown up. “If I want to befriend her… then it’s fine.” Christall, however, feels that she doesn’t want a friend that’s going to be friends with someone that’s against her. She told Bev that they can’t be friends if she can’t apologise and address the issue with loyalty.

Bev is clear on one thing: she’s on the trip to make friends. So, Christall, according to her, can do whatever she wants to do. Christall didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for and it made her question Bev’s real intentions with her. Christall now why Bev contacted her. “Right from the beginning it makes me wonder what your intentions were right from the start with contacting me,” she told Bev.

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