The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Londie on Mel vs Bev

By Zimkitha9 July 2024

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Londie on Mel vs Bev

Just when we were starting to wonder if she’ll ever make it to Jamaica, Londie London made her much anticipated arrival on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – South Africa, episode 7. The Real Housewives of Durban star joined the ladies on their trip, and they were excited to have her. When asked why it took so long for the mother of two to make an appearance, she jokingly told them that there’s no way she would spend that much time with her cast mates.  

Londie then started having a conversation on the side with Mel and they seemed to get along. However, she quickly picked up that there were some weird vibes on the trip. “Listen, I’m sitting at a dinner table. My appetite is gone. All I’m sipping on is bubbles because right now I just want to get drunk because I just realised this trip is not it,” Londie said.  

From zero to 100 

Londie London and Mel in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA S1

Bev gave Londie updates about Mel calling people Satan, rats and other names. Mel, on the other hand, has been trying hard to explain that these are just references from social media trends, but the ladies can’t seem to get it. Bev shared: “Mel is not taking accountability. She apologised to us the day before, but now she’s saying it in front of Londie…”  

Bev in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA

Mel accused Bev of being aggressive: “Why so aggressive?”. Bev told Mel, “You’re like a snake coming in and saying, ‘oh I didn’t do this, and I didn’t do that’.” She told Londie that Mel records them, which led to Londie concluding that the trip has been a mess.  

Bev didn’t stop there; she came for Mel and her husband’s business. “The way you sell you franchises over and over,” she said.  

It’s a showdown 

Mel in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip SA S1

Mel hit below the belt and replied: “The way you steal husbands, is it the same? The same as your daughter sleeping with your husband?” Bev was shocked as she didn’t understand why that was brought up. She said: “What’s my daughter got to do with this?” 

Mel responded: “What does my brand got to do with this? You’re such a mean person, man… Your daughter and your husband is giving paedo vibes and you want to come for me?”  

Bev was stunned, and asked Mel about her level of education. “Do you have a matric?” Mel responded in a sarcastic tone: “Maybe, maybe I don’t… I have only standard two, Bev.”   

Londie  didn’t understand how things escalated so quickly. “One thing about Mel. She’s cold. She is cold. She had no business going that deep,” Londie said.  

There’s a lot more drama coming your way on The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Watch new episodes every Monday on Showmax. 

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