The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Love life confessions

By Zimkitha3 July 2024

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Love life confessions

It was so refreshing to see the ladies of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – South Africa opening up to each other without fear or reservations. While they’ve already had their misunderstandings and arguments in Jamaica, it looks like they’re still open to revealing their true selves to their co-stars.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip, the reality TV stars played a game where they had to answer anonymous questions. The game usually goes from zero to 100, but they handled it well.

Christall was asked if she’s ever taken drugs and she game a simple answer: “never”. She added: “Well, I’ve never taken drugs and I just thought that was actually very insulting. I actually didn’t even care. I didn’t even notice it.”

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LaConco shares insights on her love life

Some of the ladies were also curious about LaConco’s love life – past and present.

One of them wanted to know what it was like flying in private jets as the first lady. “I’ve never been in a private jet during that time,” she said.

“But I flew business and there was a time where I flew from Cape Town to Durban, where I didn’t walk through the check-in.” Contrary to popular belief, LaConco’s relationship with a prominent man didn’t affect her identity. “I’m a simple girl… Living my life with him didn’t change who I am,” she shared.

Another question was about whether she’s still in love with the former President. LaConco explained: “I don’t know what’s the definition of being in love. I respect him. He’s the father of my child, I’ll forever respect him and protect him in my presence.” Also, has she slept with only one person? “The answer is no,” she said.

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Views on pleasing a man and marriage

Still on the topic of men, Lajoy was asked to share what the most important way to please a man is. “The best way for me to please a man is to be submissive… You can only be submissive to a king, to someone who is loving you enough. So, when the love is there, trust, I’m the most soft person ever,” she told the ladies. Lajoy shared that a lot of people don’t know her soft side. However, the man in her life gets to experience her vulnerability and understand who she is.

Relationships were really a hit during this session. Bev had to reveal why she hasn’t posted any of her wedding pictures. “Clearly it’s not my first marriage. Clearly I have issues in my family. So, it’s very difficult for me to get married on my own,” she said, adding: “Here I get married to someone who’s got such a beautiful family and the love, and come alone. It’s actually embarrassing and I’m not scared to say it on camera… Also, it didn’t come long after my divorce so, I don’t want to make a big hoo-ha about it.”

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Is Mel’s relationship with Peet misunderstood?

When it came to Mel, there was a lot of curiosity about her husband’s role in her life. One lady asked if he tells her how to dress. She responded: “Yes, he does – 50% of the time.” She said if she’s wearing designer items they’re from him. Nonku, who revealed that the question came from her, elaborated. “I have noticed you have such a beautiful body, babe. But I just feel that you’re not showing more of it…”

Mel was then asked if she has a tattoo. “I do have a tattoo, just below my costume line. And guess what it says? Peet.” Nonku was convinced that Mel is possessed, while the ladies thought she meant “obsessed”.

Mel told her co-stars that she cannot imagine her life without Peet. Nonku interjected: “You cannot say something like that, do you realise, though?” Nonku painted a picture: “I was married. My ex-husband, every time we had something, some sort of a fight, we would fight literally over who put this glass here.” She said that experience led her to not eating and that she was thin around that time. “Life carried on for him, while life stopped for me because I was not okay if he wasn’t okay with me.”

Nonku concluded that Mel doesn’t think for herself and that she sees Piet as her God. However, Mel wants to continue living in her “Peet and Mel bubble” and feels that the ladies are obsessive over nothing.

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