The River: Is it too late for Nomonde?

29 July 2020

The River: Is it too late for Nomonde?

Nomonde has finally been found by her father, but will she make it? That’s the question on everybody’s mind right now. She has had a rough couple of days because Mantwa put her through too much hell in a short space of time. Nomonde suffered because she wasn’t honest with her family in the first place. However, she must thank her lucky stars because she is finally out of danger.

Zweli saves the day

Mantwa definitely messed with the wrong family. At first, she thought she’d get what she wanted but later discovered that it wouldn’t be easy to get more cash from the Dikanas. And, despite how angry he was at Nomonde, Zweli finally accepted the bitter truth about her situation and decided to go looking for her. He pulled out all the stops and searched for his eldest child until she was found.

She was found in a shack in Diepsloot and although Zweli’s happy to have rescued her, her condition doesn’t look too promising. At least Mantwa has been dealt with so the only thing left is for Nomonde to be healthy again.

Kedibone sends a strong message

Kedibone also had a very tough week. She lost the love of her life while they were supposed to plan their wedding. Rakgadi had to be strong as she buried the man of her dreams. To make sure that Nsizwa didn’t die in vain, she organised a march aimed at raising awareness about the state of public hospitals.

Rakgadi wanted to make sure that what happened to Nsizwa doesn’t happen to anyone else. Fortunately, she and the rest of the protesters managed to track down the deputy minister of health and they were able to share their grievances with her.

It looks like Kedibone’s message was heard and that things will get better moving forward. Now that she’s dealt with the Department of Health, she can finally focus on the grieving process.

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