The River: Khabzela has it out for Kedibone

By Siyathemba Ben23 September 2019

The River: Khabzela has it out for Kedibone

There’s a lot more to Kedibone’s story than what we imagined. The character was first introduced to viewers about two weeks ago and has played a crucial role in Cobra’s recovery. However, while she has been a hero in her nephew’s story, it turns out that she’s a villain in Khabzela’s. And now Khabzela wants her to pay for killing his father years ago.

We were shocked when we found out that Kedibone had spent years in prison for murder. However, it all made sense when we learned that it was self-defence.

You see, Kedibone was in an abusive relationship with Khabzela’s father and the only way out for her was to kill him. She has explained that many times to Khabzela, but he just doesn’t want to hear it and has vowed to make the Mokoenas’ lives hell. He’s been giving the family nothing but trouble ever since Kedibone made her debut and it doesn’t look like he’s about to stop any time soon.

The situation is clearly out of hand now because Khabzela is even willing to kill in order to settle the score.

Cobra gets his act together

While Khabzela’s life is taking a wrong turn, his friend Cobra, on the other hand, is getting his act together. This is thanks to his aunt and his siblings who’ve been by his side despite everything that he has put them through. He’s stopped drinking (for now) and has also landed himself a job at Khanyisa Diamonds. While we don’t know how long this “new” Cobra will last, we are definitely happy that he’s at least making an effort.

Lindiwe gets back at Vero

We wonder what made Veronica think that Lindiwe had forgotten what she did to her when she was down and out. In case you’re not familiar with the story, let’s refresh your memory. So, just a few months ago Lindiwe had no money or even a place to stay. She moved back to Refilwe as she had nowhere else to go.

There was a day when Vero went to visit her and she even treated her to lunch at Paulina’s tavern. However, when it was time to pay the bill, Vero left and Lindiwe couldn’t afford to pay. She was humiliated after Paulina instructed her to wash all the dishes at the tavern. Embarrassing, right? Now fast-forward to a few months later and Lindiwe had the perfect plan to get back at Vero. She acted like she had forgiven her and even offered to pay for Vero’s birthday party. Lindiwe gave Vero her black credit card and told her that it had no limit. Vero went and asked Paulina to organise her the biggest party and bought a lot of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Lindiwe was going around telling everyone in her house that her credit card was missing. This was obviously Lindiwe’s plan to discredit her sister. Vero soon learned that there was no money in the card and found herself with a huge bill – about R60 000. And now Paulina wants her money! While Vero was trying to figure out how she was going to get herself out of this one, the police came looking for her because Lindiwe had reported the matter. She ran and eventually got caught.

Vero was then taken to Lindiwe’s house where she was forced to admit that she stole the black card.  We hope she enjoys her time in prison.

There really is never a dull moment on The River. You can follow the International Emmy Award nominated show on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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