The River: Lindiwe exposes Emma in front of everyone

4 May 2020

The River: Lindiwe exposes Emma in front of everyone

Emma was warned about Lindiwe, but she refused to listen. Her cousin Beauty, who’s the only person who knows the truth about her, told the newly engaged fiancé not to mess with Lindiwe. But because she thought she was clever and had everything figured out, Emma chose to carry on playing with fire. And now she probably regrets ever going against Madlabantu as the truth about her is finally out in the open.

Lindiwe sees right through Emma

While Emma managed to save Flora’s life the other week, and somehow proved her medical skills to the Dikanas, Lindiwe still didn’t buy her story. She was determined to make Zolani see what he was getting himself into. We all know that Lindiwe is not one to mess with, but this is something that Emma was clearly taking lightly.

Lindiwe made it clear from the word go that while Emma had fooled everyone in her family, she wasn’t about to let her get away with being a fraud. The two had a heated exchange of words and things even got physical.  

Even after this happened, Emma didn’t back down. She told Lindiwe that she would become a Dikana whether she likes it or not. For a while, it looked like Emma’s wishes would come true. Within days, Lindiwe found herself planning an engagement party as the wedding was fast approaching.

We reckon Emma was getting too confident and comfortable and that’s the first mistake she made. She didn’t have any clue that Lindiwe was still digging into her past. The day of the engagement party came and everyone was dressed to the nines. Zolani and Emma seemed more in love than ever and their speeches were more than romantic.

Emma’s lies exposed

Zweli also said a few words to say and after he was finished, Lindiwe was asked to say something. Mrs Dlamini-Dikana didn’t have a lot of words to say, but she shared that Emma had asked her to put together a slide show of her and Zolani. “I thought it would be fitting to capture the beauty of their love.”

At first, guests watched and had huge smiles on their faces as they watched some of the couple’s beautiful moments. However, things quickly changed and the smiles turned into frowns. Lindiwe asked Andile to pause the slide. “This is Emma’s marriage certificate,” Lindiwe told everyone.

Emma, who was clearly shocked, tried to give Zolani an explanation but he didn’t want to hear any of it. And just like that, the party was ruined! Lindiwe definitely won this round, and we now can’t help but wonder if Emma will be able to get herself out of this one.

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