The River S4: Cobra makes Kedibone’s life hell while Keitusetsi’s life hangs in the balance

By Zimkhitha9 November 2021

The River S4: Cobra makes Kedibone’s life hell while Keitusetsi’s life hangs in the balance

It’s always unfortunate when something bad happens and you have no control over it. No matter how much you wish for things to be different, they never will be because you cannot change the past. Kedibone understands this now more than ever. After she was left with Cobra and Angelina’s son, Keitumetsi, an accident happened.

While she was busy on a call, he accidentally fell into the water she was using to bath him. Unfortunately, she only realised this much later, and the damage had been done. By that time, the young boy was unresponsive, and she had to call for urgent help. He was rushed to the hospital and things have gone downhill since.

Evil spirits

Now Cobra and Angelina are blaming Rakgadi for what happened. “I guess that call was more important than my child,” Cobra told his aunt when a policewoman paid them a visit. He wanted her to show them that the incident was an accident. How must she do that, though? Cobra is being a bit unfair in this case because this could have happened to anyone. “Clearly, she’s lying and you can see it,” he added. Oh, and he wants her to be charged with attempted murder because Keitumetsi could be brain-damaged, according to the doctors.

Cobra continues to throw tantrums, even labelling his aunt a witch. “When I look at you, I see nothing but evil spirits,” he told Kedibone and Flora. Cobra also called a prophet to the house as he had a lot of questions about what happened to his son. It turns out, there was really nothing deep about Keitumetsi’s accident and it was just that – an accident. “I’m sorry about your son. You’ve asked me if there’s anything suspicious in this house, and there isn’t,” the prophet told him.

Is Cobra overreacting?

As if that was not enough madness, Cobra went and had a conversation with his friend, Charlie. First of all, no one should take advice from Charlie, especially when it’s about serious matters. Anyway, Charlie told him that he suspects that Kedibone had taken out life cover on Keitumetsi and intends to kill him and benefit from his death. Can you hear how ridiculous that sounds? Do you want to hear the worst part? Yes, there’s more! Cobra packed Kedibone’s clothes and asked her to move out as he could no longer live under the same roof as her.

Check yourself, Cobra!

“My son is in hospital, he’s fighting for his life, and we know who’s responsible,” he told everyone at the tavern when they tried to talk sense into him. “If you’re not blaming the phone that rang, you blame somebody else,” he told Kedibone when she tried to explain herself for the millionth time.

We get that Cobra is stressed; any parent would be going through all kinds of emotions under these circumstances. But is it fair to put the blame on Kedibone for this accident? Also, after everything Cobra has put his family through, he should be the most understanding person on the planet by now.

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