The River S5: The Mokoenas get an upgrade and Lindiwe has a new love interest

By Zimkhitha15 March 2022

The River S5: The Mokoenas get an upgrade and Lindiwe has a new love interest

Season five of The River kicked off with a wedding that no one saw coming. But before you get excited, they were just showing viewers what would happen a year later. So, who was getting married? It was Nomonde and Mabutho and, like most TV weddings, there was a lot of drama, including a fight between Zweli and Mabutho that ended with one of them badly injured (or dead?).

In cased you missed the event, here are some gorgeous pictures from Nomonde and Mabutho’s wedding.


A new life for the Mokoenas

The show then went back to the present day, starting with a much welcome turn of events. For once, the Mokoenas’ lives seem to be improving after moving to a fully furnished house, thanks to Lindiwe. After assisting her with Mohumi, Mrs Dlamini-Dikana decided to reward Cobra with a brand-new house and a promotion at work. He took his entire family to live with him and their future looks brighter than ever.

However, the only problem now is that Cobra seems a bit hesitant to make things official with Angela. The bright lights are blinding him, and he still wants to explore this new life, without having to commit to his long-term girlfriend and baby mama. Angelina, on the other hand, feels she’s had the “girlfriend” title for far too long and wants Cobra to do right by her and take their relationship to the next level. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon because Cobra still needs more time. He told her that he’ll probably be ready in 2027. Yes, exactly five years from now. What a joke!

Mabutho gets his big break

The Mokoenas are not the only ones who got a fresh start this season. After seeing all the good things that are happening for Cobra – including his promotion at work – Mabutho realised that it wasn’t too late for him to also improve his life. At first, it was hard for him to accept that Cobra’s life had changed for the better and it seemed like he was very jealous of his friend.

However, as time progressed, Mabutho decided to do take some positive steps and gathered enough courage to ask Lindiwe for a promotion. But because he doesn’t have a matric certificate, the best he could get was working as a security guard, something he took quite seriously. Mabutho was excited about his role but soon discovered that the person he was reporting to was involved in illegal activity at the mine.

Philani, Mabutho’s new boss, felt uncomfortable with him around and was worried that he would find out about his shady business. He then tried to kill him and buried him alive. However, Mabutho somehow managed to escape and exposed that Philani and his accomplice were stealing diamonds from the mine and selling them on the black market. They were arrested. As a token of appreciation for this hard work, the Dikanas decided to thank Mabutho with a new role and he’s now the new head of security at Khanyisa Diamonds.

Lindiwe falls for her business partner

Listen, so far this season is all about levelling up! Even Lindiwe was well on her way to becoming a global mining magnet until that deal fell apart. It didn’t fall apart because she didn’t have what it takes to make it happen, but because she caught feelings for her potential partner. We never thought we’d ever see Lindiwe falling for someone either than her beloved husband, Zweli.

It all started when Mnqobi, who’s also a mine owner, approached Lindiwe in attempt to do business with her. The successful mining boss wanted the two of them to team up and possibly become the next big mining company in the business. Although she wasn’t feeling the idea at first, Lindiwe eventually agreed to partner with Mnqobi. They started spending a lot of time together and before they knew it, they developed strong feelings for one another.

Lindiwe even went as far as dreaming about being intimate with Mnqobi and that concerned her a lot. She told Mnqobi that she was attracted to him and that the business deal wouldn’t work for that reason.

The deal is off for now, but that doesn’t mean those feelings have disappeared. Will Lindiwe and Mnqobi act on their feelings for each other?

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