The River: Tumi and Zolani’s wedding is on the way

5 November 2018

The River: Tumi and Zolani’s wedding is on the way

Get those champagne glasses out, everybody! It’s a celebration. After all the arguments and disagreements during the lobola negations, the Mokoenas and Dikanas have finally landed on the same page.

Here’s everything that went down last week in The River.

Wedding bells are ringing

After much persuasion and convincing from Cobra and Flora, the families decided to stop fighting and focus on what’s important – their children’s happiness. We must say we’re happy that for once, Lindiwe was able to humble herself and do the right thing. If you had any questions about how much she loves Zolani, we hope this gives you a clear answer. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him, it seems.

Anyway, the families settled on R100 000 for lobola, and at least everyone is happy about this. Also, a venue has been found and a date has been chosen. Now all that’s left is for Tumi to find the perfect dress and we hope she’s not going to take the dress her mother wore to her wedding decades ago. That’s just out of the question. Come on, it’s 2018 and no one wants to be seen in a dress like that!

While everyone is over the moon about the upcoming wedding, Lindani is not here for it. As you know, he is still in love with Tumi and has tried to get back together with her, only to be rejected. Now that Tumi is getting ready to walk down the aisle, Lindani is the only person who’s not celebrating. We hope he’ll get over her eventually.

Andile embarrasses his family again

Another person who has certainly not been in a cheerful mood is Andile. How could he be, when his business is all over the internet? After his recent breakup with Njabulo, Andile found himself in yet another controversial situation. This time, he discovered that his sex tape was leaked on social media.

That’s not the best part, it gets worse. Both his parents watched the tape in front of him and there aren’t enough words to describe their reaction. Lindiwe was obviously disappointed and you could see the disgust in her face. She was even ready to fire him from work and evict him from her house.

On the other hand, Zweli was not as harsh as Lindiwe. He was more understanding and willing to not only hear Andile out, but to also come up with a solution. The police commissioner advised his son to take action against TJ (who leaked the tape), and he was arrested for revenge porn. Things ended on a good note for Andile as he has now made peace with his mother. We hope that he has finally learned his lesson and will not be putting himself in risky and embarrassing situations.

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