The River: Tumi saves the day

3 September 2018

The River: Tumi saves the day

How many people thought Walter was a sellout? Did you honestly believe he’d turn his back on his community? Also, when has Lindiwe ever taken responsibility for all the bad things she’s done in her life? Want to know what we’re on about? Well, check out our recap of The River.

Walter pulls a fast one on Lindiwe

Walter is a genius! And he doesn’t get enough credit for this. If you, like many other people, expected him to turn his back on his comrades, you better apologise. While everyone had given up on Walter after he encouraged miners to call off the strike, the former jailbird was hard at work finding ways to bring Lindiwe down.

He took the R5 million he was given by the mining boss, but that’s not all. To win the miners over, Walter thought it would be best if he recorde all his conversations with Lindiwe and expose the greedy and selfish person that she is. Lindiwe, who thought she had won after paying the R5 million bribe, was shocked when Walter played the recordings during a press conference at the mine. It was obvious that Lindiwe didn’t see this one coming, and she was embarrassed and ended up behind bars. But it wasn’t over just yet!

Lindiwe plays the victim

If you know Lindiwe Dlamini by now, you’ll understand that she’ll stop at nothing to get her way. After being released from jail, she managed to convince her family that Walter was blackmailing her, and she was left with no choice but to give him the money.

Uhm… but how does everyone believe this story? They all heard the tape, right? We guess Lindiwe’s family will always see her as the hero, no matter what evidence is presented to them. As always, she managed to get herself out of a very tight situation. Will she ever pay for all the bad things she has done to people, though? Only time will tell.

Tumi calms the storm

It’s a good thing Tumi is staying at the Dikana household. It looks like she’s now becoming an important part of the family, especially after rescuing them from angry mine workers. Tumi, who has been staying with the wealthy family for a couple of weeks after deserting her family, succeeded in calming the miners down when they were ready for war. She saw that the situation was getting out of hand and decided to speak some sense into those miners, and it worked!

They eventually calmed down and listened to what she had to say. Of course, this act of bravery has scored her some great points with Lindiwe, who looked pleased as Tumi was speaking. Zolani was also impressed and we’re certain that he’s fallen even deeper for her.

While Tumi is out there saving the world, we wonder why she’s not using that same energy to mend things with her family? You did see how angry her mother was when she paid her a visit, even chasing her out of her house. Now that’s deep.

Who knows, maybe Malefu will be proud of her daughter’s good deed and find it in her heart to forgive her.

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