The Wife: Hlomu cheats on Mqhele and Mandisa starts a fire

By Xabiso Ngqabe27 January 2022

The Wife: Hlomu cheats on Mqhele and Mandisa starts a fire

The stakes are high on the latest episodes of The Wife, filled with so much drama, and a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you freaking out.

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Hlomu seeks happiness outside of her marriage, and Mqhele is held accountable by his brothers for beating her. Meanwhile, Mandisa’s actions leave the Zulu brothers shaken.

Here’s a lowdown on this week’s episodes.

Qhawe finds out about what Mqhele has done to Hlomu

While Hlomu is sitting in the car, processing the marriage ordeal, Qhawe can’t help but notice that she’s not well. Hlomu tells him that she’s not feeling well and asks him to drive her to work. Qhawe asks if everything is fine between her and Mqhele, and she doesn’t say anything. Moments later on the same day, she sends Qhawe an SMS telling him that Mqhele hit her again.

The Wife on Showmax ep34-36

Qhawe steps out of the taxi and goes straight to Mqhele. Angry and filled with rage, he punches Mqhele. They get into a heated fight but fortunately, the other Zulu brothers get there right on time to stop them. The gag is, Mqhele doesn’t even know why Qhawe is hitting him.

Childhood trauma and a broken promise

Nkosana gives Qhawe and Mqhele a pep talk following their recent fight. When asked of the reason to hit his brother, Qhawe spills the beans about the fact that Mqhele has beaten Hlomu, not once but twice.

Haunted by the memory of his mother being killed by the mob, Mqhele tells his brothers that his childhood trauma could be the cause of his anger. “Maybe it’s because of my childhood trauma. It’s just that I never told you. I saw mom die. With my own eyes. I didn’t hear about it like you guys,” says Mqhele

Hearing this for the first time, all the brothers get shocked by this revelation, except Qhawe who doesn’t think this is an excuse to hit women. “I saw Dad being stabbed in the heart with a spear. But that doesn’t give me a right to hit a woman. You’ve never seen me raise my hand to a woman,” says Qhawe. The Zulu brothers decide on a punishment; they beat him to a pulp.

Hlomu finds herself drawn to Sandile

You can’t help but feel sorry for Hlomu; her husband Mqhele has beat her up once again, and she just had a miscarriage. She’s tired and chooses to seek happiness elsewhere, with her ex-lover. After a pleasant reunion with Sandile in last week’s episodes, Hlomu visits him again, but this time at his place.

The Wife on Showmax ep34-36

While Mqhele is licking his wounds, Hlomu is booed up with Sandile. The two spend time conversing over dinner, then he asks her not to leave, and they end up having sex. Mqhele sees them kissing outside and of course, he’s pissed and at this point, we’re on the edge of our seats. His wife just cheated on him with her ex-lover, but can he blame her? Hlomu gets inside her car and drives off, while Mqhele is standing from a distance fuming with anger.

Palesa shows up at Nqoba’s tavern

After a successful heist at the Hotel, Nqoba continues his affair with the commissioner’s wife, and she falls head over heels for him. Palesa is shocked when she wakes up to find that Nqoba has played her for a fool and left the hotel with all the money they stole. On the other hand, Nqoba tells Nkosana that this is the money to pay for Zandile’s prison release.

Still pissed, Palesa shows up at Nqoba’s tavern only to bump into Mandisa. The two have a pretty odd and uncomfortable exchange when Palesa says she’s Nqoba’s girlfriend and shows Mandisa a picture of them together. Moments later, Nqoba is putting all the money into bags, Mandisa is watching. But of course, she isn’t pleased that Nqoba could do such a thing to her.

The Wife on Showmax ep34-36

Zandile’s prison-release money goes up in flames

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Back at Nqoba’s tavern, Mandisa overhears a conversation between the Zulu brothers. Nqoba is bragging about sleeping with the Commissioner’s wife and using her to get the money. They meet up with the Commissioner at Nqoba’s place to hand him the money they promised, however, they are met with disappointment as Mandisa decides to burn all the money. Filled with anger, Nkosana doesn’t ask too many questions. He chokes Mandisa and it looks like he’s about to kill her.

The Zulu brothers do not seem to catch a break. Remember when they watched their house go up in flames at the hands of the Majolas? Nkosana was the one who went inside the house to rescue the millions they had hidden. Here we go again, more of their millions going up in flames, and it’s all Mandisa’s fault.

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