The Wife Season 2, episodes 22-24 recap: Nkosana and Zandile say “I do”

By Xabiso Ngqabe7 April 2022

The Wife Season 2, episodes 22-24 recap: Nkosana and Zandile say “I do”

In The Wife Season 2 episodes 22-24, we go back to Mbuba village in the present day for Nkosana and Zandile’s wedding but we also get a flashback of how Zandile got arrested. For the Zulu brothers and for Zandile, coming back to Mbuba is always a reminder of their traumatic upbringing.

Let’s recap what went down this week.

Update: Want to know more? Watch the behind-the-scenes special The Wife: Behind the Veil.

Episode 22 – Zandile returns to Mbuba for the first time

Back at home, in Mbuba village, Bab’Ngcobo reminds Zandile that she’s a murderer and her mother’s blood will always be on her hands. “Are you asking yourself why? Tell me, how does it feel to know that you killed your own mother?” he asks.

She becomes agitated with pain and it’s clear that she acknowledges her wrongs, and blames herself for her mother’s death. Coming to Mbuba was never going to be easy for Zandile as she carries so much trauma that has to do with her upbringing.

Chairman is crowned by the taxi association

After all the names are announced for the chairman of the association, they proceed with the votes and it appears that the winner is none other than Sambulo Zulu.

The gentlemen give him a round of applause but this isn’t good news for his counterparts, the Majola brothers, and also for Nqoba. They announce Sambulo’s committee and much to the Majolas’ surprise, their names are nowhere to be found.

Shocked and disappointed, they vow to do what they are known for – to kill and disrupt.

Qhawe, Mqhele and Mqoqi visit Zandile’s home

Nkosana sends his brothers Mqhele and Qhawe to represent him for the lobola negotiation. When they arrive at Zandile’s home, Bab’ Ngcobo wants to know where Nkosana is.

According to tradition, the bridegroom is not allowed to be present during his lobola negotiations. However, the hard-headed Bab’Ngcobo doesn’t see it that way, he thinks it’s disrespectful that Nkosana can’t show his face and answer for himself. As a result, Bab’Ngcobo asks the Zulu brothers to go and come back with Nkosana or forget about lobola.

The lobola negotiations are underway

The Ngcobo family first addresses an issue that has made them feel extremely disrespected for a while. They aren’t happy about the fact that Nkosana took their daughter to cohabit for years in the Zulu family without marrying her. They impose countless demands as well as for the mere fact that they have three kids born out of wedlock, and all have a Zulu surname.

The fines continue to become severe and Zandile decides to intervene and tell her father that what he’s doing is absurd. Bab’Ngcono gets angry and asks Nkosana to kneel before him. Even Zandile pours her gut out, but the elder brother of the Zulus devours his pride and does what’s required to ensure smooth negotiations.

Episode 23 – Visiting Mpande and Mvelo’s tombstones bring comfort and healing to the Zulu family

The Zulu family goes to Mpande and Mvelo’s grave. Remember, they both got shot during a shootout at Hlomu’s traditional wedding.

An emotional and unsettling moment for the family, especially Mqoqi and Ntsika, who pour their hearts into their late brother Mpande. Nkosana and Zandile also get a chance to speak to their late son, Mvelo, and moments later Zandile forgives Nkosana for everything that happened to Mvelo and for not finding out immediately.

Mqhele buys Hlomu flowers and throws her a surprise braai

On his way to Mbuba village, Mqhele sends Hlomu the images from the pregnancy photoshoot they had. He also goes out of his way to show his romantic side by having flowers delivered to her workplace and getting Langa to throw a surprise braai party for her. 

One thing is for sure – even if things do come crashing down, Mqhele will always find a way to spoil Hlomu. The viewers cannot get enough of this romantic union:

Episode 24 – The wedding and a flashback of the past

When Nkosana finds out that Hlomu and Zandile still don’t get along, he decides to clear the air by doing something he’s been meaning to do for a long time, telling the family the whole truth about the past.

For Zandile to seal the matrimonial deal, and the family to remain tight, they need to learn what really happened in the past and understand the sacrifice Zandile made for this family.

A flashback to the past reveals that when Zah fell pregnant, her father started being abusive to her mother. Her mother then took out her anger on Zandile and forced her to abort her baby. When Nkosana found Zandile and her mother fighting, he intervened and ended up killing her. When the police arrived to arrest Nkosana on their wedding day, Zandile decided to take the fall for him.

On their wedding day in modern time, Bab’Ngcobo makes an unexpected grand entrance. He apologises for everything he has ever put Zandile through and gives them his blessing. The sight of her father in the wheelchair triggers Zandile in ways she couldn’t have imagined and she breaks down in tears.

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