The Wife Season 3 episodes 34-36 recap: Qhawe is Mthaniya’s father

By Xabiso Ngqabe26 January 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 34-36 recap: Qhawe is Mthaniya’s father

The Wife Season 3 episodes 34-36 give us yet another week filled with twists and turns as the plot continues to thicken. Hard lessons are learned in the latest episodes, as characters soon realise that no secret remains hidden forever. A tragedy befalls Thabeng Mines and leaves Chief Kgosi in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Tshedi is losing her mind following her husband’s passing. While Qhawe finds out that Mthaniya is his daughter, Naledi learns about her father’s murderous ways. Will she run to Qhawe, who seems to have his hands full now that he knows he’s a dad?

Last season when Hlomu fell pregnant, Qhawe asked her about Mthaniya’s paternity. This week we find out that Qhawe is, indeed, the father. This causes more havoc among the Zulu brothers and Nkosana makes an unexpected appearance amid the baby-daddy drama in the family. Let’s recap this week’s episodes.

Qhawe is Mthaniya’s father

When Hlomu consults the traditional healer without Mqhele, she finds out that Qhawe is Mthaniya’s father. She calls Qhawe to let him know about this revelation and asks him not to tell his brother. 

The healer tells Hlomu about the importance of introducing Mthaniya to the ancestors, but for that to happen, the child has to be introduced by her biological father.

Hlomu bribes the healer and asks him not to tell Mqhele the truth but to say that the ancestors are angry and want him to cleanse with some herbal remedies that will help Mthaniya’s situation. 

Back at the hospital, Mthaniya wakes up from the coma and both Hlomu and Mqhele are happy to welcome her. As Mqhele tries to pay the healer as a token of appreciation, he spills the tea about Mthaniya’s real father and how Hlomu paid him to lie to Mqhele. Mqhele takes out his anger on everyone around him, including the people at the taxi rank.

Kgosi is in the mud for the mining tragedy at Royal Thabeng

A tragic accident claims multiple lives of the zama-zama miners following a collapse at Thabeng Mines. Of course, Kgosi is responsible for the disaster as he ordered the zama-zama miners to dig in an abandoned mine, which ended up collapsing. With 10 houses destroyed as a result of the collapse, Naledi wants the royal family to compensate all those affected, rebuild their houses, and help bury the deceased. Kgosi refuses, insisting that they have no money available for that.

In an attempt to do damage control, Kgosi pins the whole Thabeng tragedy on his late son-in-law, stating that he is the one who was dealing with the illegal mining business. He mentions that his death was a result of his clash with one of the zama-zama gangs.

Meanwhile, Tshedi overhears a conversation between Kgosi and Molefi about their involvement in this mining collapse and she wastes no time telling Naledi how murderous their father is. Naledi, being naive about her father, doesn’t believe what Tshedi says. 

Qhawe and Mqhele square off

Qhawe tries to take Mthaniya away from Hlomu but the Zulu matriarch refuses and calls Mqhele to rescue her. 

Mqhele arrives as Qhawe tries to take Mthaniya away and they square off, pointing guns at each other right in front of the child. 

Fortunately, Sambulo intervenes and manages to take Mthaniya and Hlomu away, leaving the brothers fighting and punching each other like they always do. The episode ends with an unexpected appearance as Nkosana walks in on the fight and restores order between the two brothers.

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Secrets, lies, and deceit continue to be the order of the week on The Wife as the tension builds from last week’s explosive episodes. The chief is in the mud with the mining tragedy that befell Royal Thabeng and he doesn’t want Naledi to know that he’s behind it. Naledi finds it hard to believe that her father is a murderer. Speaking of fathers, Qhawe finds out that Mthaniya is his child, and Mqhele doesn’t receive the news very well.

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